100+ Lily Tattoo Designs With Meanings (2022)

lily tattoo design ideas

Do you have a collection of tattoos that you like looking at? What do you think about floral tattoo designs? If you’re thinking about getting a lily tattoo, you should know that you’ve arrived at the perfect location. In this post, we will demonstrate various lily tattoo designs that will appeal to people of all ages and backgrounds. They are suitable for both men and women, so scroll down to discover your new tattoo design!

Lily Tattoo: What You Need to Know

Lily Tattoo: What You Need to Know

What Does A Lily Tattoo Mean? What Does A Lily Tattoo Symbolize?

Lilies are beautiful flowers that represent devotion and purity. Lilies are also associated with royalty. Their association with the power of rebirth and motherhood has long been established. In certain cultures, lilies also represent a never-ending and lucky love, as well as up to 100 years of unadulterated passion!

Is There Any Meaning To The Different Colored Lilies?

Colors will always represent various feelings in different people. The same concept holds for other types of flowers as well. The following is a general rule:

  • Red: This color represents genuine love and devotion.
  • Pink is a hue associated with love and wealth.
  • Yellow: This color represents respect and good feelings.
  • Blue: represents strength and prosperity.
  • Green: This is a mysterious hue that is associated with your wild side.
  • Purple is a seductive hue that symbolizes your beauty and elegance, and it represents you well.

When Should You Get a Lily Tattoo and Where Should You Get It?

Most of the time, something tiny and delicate will be the ideal location for your lily tattoo. Most ladies will choose to have their tattoos placed on their forearms or collarbones. Tattoo placement options for the calf or back will also appeal to guys.

Tattoos of Lilies in Black and White

1. Lily Tattoo Over Arm

Lily Tattoo Over Arm
Lily Tattoo Over Arm
Lily Tattoo Over Arm
Lily Tattoo Over Arm
Lily Tattoo Over Arm
Lily Tattoo Over Arm
Lily Tattoo Over Arm
Lily Tattoo Over Arm
Lily Tattoo Over Arm
Lily Tattoo Over Arm
Lily Tattoo Over Arm
Lily Tattoo Over Arm

Black and white ink may be very adorable and feminine at the same time. If you are a lover of black tattoos and you are on the lookout for beautiful tattoos, this is one that you should consider having.

This forearm pattern is perfect for those who like accuracy as well as attractive tattoo ideas. With this artistic tattoo, you may express your affection for flowers and your interest in romantic concepts.

2. Lily Flower Tattoo Foot Design

Lily Flower Tattoo Foot Design
Lily Flower Tattoo Foot Design
Lily Flower Tattoo Foot Design
Lily Flower Tattoo Foot Design
Lily Flower Tattoo Foot Design
Lily Flower Tattoo Foot Design
Lily Flower Tattoo Foot Design

This tiny leg tattoo in black ink would look best on those who like to keep things simple. If you’re on a tight budget, you’ll like this tattoo as well. It is an excellent option for ladies who want something fast and straightforward and functional tattooed on the top of their foot.

This tattoo represents your calm attitude as well as the events that have occurred in your life. If you are someone who has gone through a lot and has managed to come out on top, this print is for you.

Interesting fact: Lilies are the most widely distributed flowers in Europe.

3. Lily Tattoo With A Butterfly Over Leg

Lily Tattoo With A Butterfly Over Leg

Do you want to include a splash of color in your tattoo? A pink pattern with primarily black and white color combinations could be a good idea. Designed with flowery and lovely components that are the pinnacle of elegance and interior beauty, this piece is a work of art.

Make sure you have at least 3-5 hours to spare to complete this tattoo. You will be represented by this sensuous tattoo, which will symbolize your innocence, as well as your fun and passionate nature.

4. Lily Tattoo Small Print

Lily Tattoo Small Print
Lily Tattoo Small Print
Lily Tattoo Small Print
Lily Tattoo Small Print
Lily Tattoo Small Print
Lily Tattoo Small Print
Lily Tattoo Small Print

You’re scared of needles, but you’re also afraid of the tattooing procedure. If this is the case, you might consider getting this tiny and delicate forearm tattoo. It is the ideal lily pattern if you are looking for something small and feminine that is also creative.

What do you think about having this tiny flower tattooed on your arm or leg? As well as representing your understanding side and a spirit filled with good intentions, it also represents femininity in a simple way.

Applying the tattoo itself is a fast and straightforward process. If you like a lily tattoo in a dotted pattern rather than a portrait style, you’ll also adore this design.

5. Lily Pad Tattoo Idea

Lily Pad Tattoo Idea

6. Forearm Lily Flower Tattoo

Forearm Lily Flower Tattoo

This tattoo represents your sincere goals as well as your soul. You may use it to define your highs and lows, as well as any minimalistic aspects of your daily life that you find particularly remarkable and attractive. It’s also a fantastic print for anybody who appreciates the beauty of oneness and everlasting beauty.

This tiny forearm tattoo has faded beautifully and has resulted in a one-of-a-kind color combination print that is difficult to accomplish in general. When you combine a splash of red with black, you get this stunning result!

Blowing this lily bloom in the air is a nice touch. It represents your capacity to rise above any missed chances that come your way in your career. You can change with the breeze, and you are as beautiful and calm as the lily itself.

Did you know that they may reach a height of up to 6 feet in a matter of months?

Feminine Lily Tattoos

1. Lily Tattoo Stomach Ink

Lily Tattoo Stomach Ink

Stomach tattoos are pretty popular among women who are confident in their skin and women who like displaying their curves and showing off their bodies. Do you consider yourself to be one of those women? Keep in mind, however, that stomach placement is unpleasant and uncomfortable in and of itself.

This lily flower, as well as the location in which it is displayed, may represent your reproductive journey. You may be someone who enjoys her motherly side, or perhaps you want to become a mother soon. If that’s the case, let it shine through with this print.

2. Giant Stargazer Lily Tattoo

Giant Stargazer Lily Tattoo

Giant thigh tattoos are a work of art, and not every tattoo artist can create them as effectively or as precisely as others. If you want a vibrant design, be prepared to show it out with pride and spend a little more money since the materials needed to create these tattoos are more expensive than others.

Various hues and flowers may represent different moods or emotional states of mind. The greater the number of flowers you use, the more sophisticated and robust you will seem on the outside.

Lilies generate nectar at the base of each leaf, which is a fun thing to know.

3. Tiger Lily Tattoo

Tiger Lily Tattoo

Different colors and flowers may be used in conjunction with your tiger pattern to create a unique look. Would you be interested in this idea? This thigh tattoo is ideal for ladies who are confident in their skin and their curves. If you are on the heavier side, you will appreciate the opportunity to display a big tattoo like this one.

A tiger is a symbol of unbridled strength and unrelenting ferocity. Combining this tattoo with lilies will also make it seem more feminine and fun. It will symbolize your layers of identity and your profound connection with Mother Earth as well as with the creatures of the natural world.

4. Back Black Water Lily Tattoo

Back Black Water Lily Tattoo

Do you have a thing for back tattoos? Are you looking for something that is both feminine and powerful? Many ladies like this location and the black and white color scheme since it is so simple to do and because it is also reasonably priced.

The tattoo will represent your bond with others and your connection with good energy. If you are a beautiful person inside and out, you may show the world by getting this lily tattoo.

5. Giant Lily Tattoo On Thigh

Giant Lily Tattoo On Thigh

Thigh tattoos, often known as leg tattoos, are very effective when done in large and dramatic proportions. This is a tiered lily that may tell a humorous tale depending on your personality and background.

Make sure you wait at the tattoo shop for at least 4 hours since this is a time-consuming artwork. It will suggest that you are a calm sweetie who knows how to fight her own battles while remaining solid and gorgeous throughout the process.

6. Lily Tattoo Side Boob

Lily Tattoo Side Boob
Lily Tattoo Side Boob
Lily Tattoo Side Boob
Lily Tattoo Side Boob
Lily Tattoo Side Boob
Lily Tattoo Side Boob
Lily Tattoo Side Boob
Lily Tattoo Side Boob

Do you want a beautiful side chest and side breast lily tattoo on your chest and side boob? Ensure you’re prepared and adequately equipped before getting this tattoo since it’s a strong one that will hurt. Typically, it will take you 3 hours to complete this feminine look.

This flower represents your sincere intentions and your determination to make a difference in the world. This tattoo will give the impression that you are a sensual and seductive person. People will also see you as a complete diva, and who wouldn’t want to be perceived as such?!

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Did you know that only white and tiger lilies have a smell detected by the human nose?

Lily Tattoos For Men

1. Bright & Colorful Lily And Rose Tattoo Back Design

Lily Tattoos For Men
Lily Tattoos For Men

These are great for those with a manly back and will love wearing them and symbolizing this flower. It is the ideal gift for anybody who has a lean figure and a passion for floral arrangements.

Perfectly imperfect is a lovely phrase that you may display next to your lily plant. This concept will communicate to others that you are conscious of your flaws and willing to take on new challenges daily.

2. Arm Lily Flower Tattoo Black Ink

Arm Lily Flower Tattoo Black Ink

Create a manly printout of your lily tattoo by embellishing it with a sword and applying it in such a creative way. It will take you less than four hours to complete the task at your disposal.

Swords may be used to represent your rocky and wavy pathways. Although you seem to be a tough man, you are a sweetie at the core, which you may demonstrate with these lilies—ideal for individuals who have a solid yet sensitive aspect of their personality.

It’s a little-known truth that sure Lilies are toxic to cats.

3. Bright & Vibrant Lily Tattoo

Bright & Vibrant Lily Tattoo

Do you like tattoos with a lot of colors? Images that are done in color and with bold printing are more challenging to create. Make sure you have a competent tattoo artist in mind before you forward with your tattooing procedure since not everyone can execute this lily concept.

Bright colors are reserved for extroverts and individuals who are confident in displaying their natural colors in any circumstance. If you have many different tales to tell and you’re covered in layers, this tattoo concept of bright and fun flowers may help you express them all.

4. Delicate Black & Red Lily Tattoo

Delicate Black Red Lily Tattoo

For individuals who like simple designs, black and red ink is a popular color combination to use. Are you a lover of tattoos that are smaller in size as well? You won’t need more than a few hours to complete this lily.

A splash of crimson may represent your assertive side as well as your passionate attitude to life. If you’ve gone through a difficult time in your life, you may calmly express yourself, so why not consider this print?

5. Giant Shoulder Lily Tattoo Ideas

Giant Shoulder Lily Tattoo Ideas
Giant Shoulder Lily Tattoo Ideas
Giant Shoulder Lily Tattoo Ideas
Giant Shoulder Lily Tattoo Ideas
Giant Shoulder Lily Tattoo Ideas
Giant Shoulder Lily Tattoo Ideas
Giant Shoulder Lily Tattoo Ideas
Giant Shoulder Lily Tattoo Ideas
Giant Shoulder Lily Tattoo Ideas
Giant Shoulder Lily Tattoo Ideas
Giant Shoulder Lily Tattoo Ideas
Giant Shoulder Lily Tattoo Ideas
Giant Shoulder Lily Tattoo Ideas
Giant Shoulder Lily Tattoo Ideas
Giant Shoulder Lily Tattoo Ideas

Do you desire a tattoo that is both spiritual and unique in its design? Artistic tattoos are not for everyone, and not everyone can pull them off. You may wear this one over your shoulder and let your natural colors shine through a little more.

Make your lily stand out by adding a special quote. Prepare yourself by reminding yourself that you must “always love yourself” before embarking on any trip. Make sure you are aware of the fact that true beauty always originates from the inside.

6. Leg Design Black Ink Lily Tattoo

Leg Design Black Ink Lily Tattoo

The popularity of calf tattoos is growing among guys who have strong and muscular legs. Do you consider yourself to be a member of this group? If this is the case, stick to black and pink ink to create this fashionable design. It is also not prohibitively expensive.

This flower will serve as a sign of your strength and vitality. Although everyone has a wavering and unstable tale to share, you can always express your hope and perseverance via your selected tattoo.

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Have you ever thought about the fact that specific Lily blooms and their components are edible?!

Colorful Lily Tattoos

1. Loud & Dramatic Lily Tattoo Sleeve

Colorful Lily Tattoos

Do you appreciate the beauty of nature on its own? Are you a lover of animals and flowers? Do you like to read? This vibrant and colorful pair of socks is a must-have for any man who enjoys being noticed. For those who appreciate grander concepts and exquisite ink, you should realize that this work is a masterpiece unto itself.

Frogs symbolize your impulsive nature, your willingness to adapt, and your willingness to accept the passage of time. With flowers and a frog picture on your shirt, you will appear like a genuine rebel as well as a lover. Is it possible for you to be more in touch with your emotions?

2. Pink Lily Tattoo Idea

Pink Lily Tattoo Idea

Would you want to add a splash of color to your flower tattoo? This one would look fantastic draped over your forearm or your leg! The tattoo is delicate and feminine, and it is something you will appreciate if you have a sensitive side of your own.

It accurately reflects and displays your ups and downs throughout life. You should get this tattoo if you attempt to embrace your positivism toward the planet and the people in your immediate vicinity.

Fascinating fact: various colored flowers will elicit different emotional responses in other individuals.

3. Hot Orange Lily Tattoo

Hot Orange Lily Tattoo

If you like vivid and orange bursts of color, this flowery lily will be an excellent choice for you. Forearm tattooing is an attractive option for both men and women who like displaying their tattoos!

Orange is a color that represents strength, elegance, and celebrity. If you are someone who enjoys seeming bold and determined, you should know that you may achieve this appearance with this lily.

4. Elephant Design Lily Tattoo

Elephant Design Lily Tattoo

These two pieces are perfect for anybody who like both color and animals. It is ideal for anybody who enjoys connecting with nature and maintaining a sense of equilibrium at all times. Allow the rest of the world to see your quiet and powerful side.

Elephants represent passion, generosity, and absolute elegance, among other things. When paired with a lily, this tattoo will communicate to people that you are in touch with your genuine emotions.

5. Lily And Butterfly Tattoo Print

Lily And Butterfly Tattoo Print

If you want to be seen at all times, a burst of color and various patterns will fit your style well. This beauty looks stunning when paired with a butterfly pattern, and who wouldn’t fall in love with this combination?

This poster will showcase your vibrant and colorful side, as well as the many diverse tales that you have to tell about yourself. If you are a good person and you want the rest of the world to know where you are at any given time, you should let them see your lily prints on the ground.

6. Bright Blue Lily Tattoo Ideas

Bright Blue Lily Tattoo Ideas

Shoulder tattoos are famous among males who engage in physical activity and want prominent locations. If you are someone who enjoys showing off their arms and who is confident in their skin, a bouquet of lilies will do the trick!

Side stomach tattoos are popular and fun, and they’re perfect for ladies who want to appear seductive and sensual on the outside. Your cheerful and optimistic attitude will be reflected in the delicate and adorable flower patterns. If you’re a real warrior, you’ll go in with this black and white ink.

In addition to displaying your seductive and ferocious side, side stomach tattoos will also symbolize the fire that burns inside you. Many ladies have good intentions, which may be shown by getting a lovely tattoo like this one!

Tattooing flowers and butterflies on your body will represent your soft and loving side. You will seem to be a genuine artist who understands how to appreciate every quiet minute spent alone.

Did you know that a Lily may last a couple of days in a vase if appropriately kept?

Small Lily Tattoos

1. Side Stomach Black Lily Tattoos

2. Collarbone Pink Lily Tattoo

Collarbone Pink Lily Tattoo
Collarbone Pink Lily Tattoo

Collarbone tattoos are popular among ladies who want concepts that are both strong and delicate. A splash of colors, purple or pink, will look fantastic on individuals who like artistic ink. It will take you less than two hours to complete this pair of earrings.

Fun fact: this bloom may live in the wild for up to two years.

3. Small Lily Tattoo With Bear Ink

Do you have a soft spot for animals? Perhaps a minimalist approach would be appropriate as well. This combination will be perfect for you in the case of a spiritual, youthful, or even childlike personality!

This adorable bear with a flower represents the inner kid in all of us. If you still like having a good time (but in your unique manner), this tattoo will let people see it.

4. Bright Forearm Pink Lily Tattoo

Small Lily Tattoo With Bear Ink

When it comes to your artwork, how about a splash of color? Are you a fan of the color lilac or pink? This is a lovely burst of color across your arm that you will desire if you are a feminine young lady. It is also a tattoo that is neither expensive nor time-consuming.

The color pink symbolizes romance, an upbeat attitude, as well as feelings of love. If you are a loving individual (or a mother, for example), you may express your affection via this concept.

5. Colorful Lily Tattoo Idea Over Arm

Colorful Lily Tattoo Idea Over Arm

The fact that not every tattoo artist can provide you with anything comparable is one of the reasons you should choose the finest! This three-color combination is both powerful and distinctive, as well as unusual. The tattoo itself is excellent for those that like being noticed.

Allow the world to know that you are kind and unique in your way. If you enjoy taking care of people and you are a delicate flower, try expressing yourself with this lily bouquet.

6. Back Small & Black Lily Tattoo

Back Small & Black Lily Tattoo

Finally, but certainly not least, do you want to use your tattoo to display your secretive and astrological side as well? Everyone who has layers and wants to be seen as a unique soul would benefit from wearing this pair.

The tattoo will represent a person who is imaginative, strong, and peaceful. It will appeal to both men and women who have a magical aspect to their personalities.

Who knew that lilies were considered to be one of the top 10 flowers in the world?! They are often used in bouquets.

Are you ready to get a new tattoo?

So, are you a lover of the lily now? Is it anything you’ve been thinking about trying out some tattoos that have a little color to them? These tattoos have a lovely and significant significance, so make sure you display them with pride and confidence.

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