30+ Best Jasmine Flower Tattoo Designs (2022 Updated)

jasmine tattoo design ideas

Who among you likes looking at flowers? To be even more specific, how about people who like jasmine flowers? The jasmine blossom is an absolutely stunning option for your next go-to suggestion because you will appreciate placing it around your body.

Are you a supporter of tattoos that are strong and vivid? What about one-of-a-kind, vibrant pieces that feature petals incorporated into them? Keep reading if you’re interested in feminine and girly designs, and make sure to locate your new go-to tattoo below. If you’re a lover of feminine and girly designs, keep reading.

Jasmine Flower Tattoos: FAQ

Jasmine Flower Tattoos FAQ
Credit: Instagram

1. Who Should Get a Tattoo of a Flowering Jasmine Plant?

Jasmine flowers and flower tattoos can be worn by anyone who wants to be noticed and who enjoys having tattoos that are feminine and girly in appearance. So, you should get a print of a jasmine flower if you like to get people’s attention and if you like flowers of different sizes and that remind you of femininity and elegance.

2. Does it really matter what color the flower is?

How one displays a tattoo of a jasmine flower might vary, and one can accept numerous meanings depending on the color combination of the tattoo.

The following is a list of the most common color selections and their definitions:

Red – The color red gives the impression that the wearer is enthusiastic and driven by their emotions. This design is perfect for you if you have a history of getting tattoos that are quite strong, but at the same time, you are as delicate as a flower.

Blue – The color blue stands for general happiness, a good attitude, and the ability to make moral choices on your own.

Pink – Pink is the color of ladies with a romantic soul and who are always attempting to look pleasant and feminine.

Yellow – Yellow is associated with prosperity, clear thinking, success in the future, and material possessions.

Green – The color green is associated with prosperity and good fortune, which will always be with you no matter where you travel.

Purple – Purple is the best option for individuals who wish to look put together and have friends with a mysterious air about them.

Black – Even though black isn’t the typical color of ink used for flower tattoos, this particular design might be most suited for men. It will lend you an air of sophistication and etiquette.

3. Where Should You Put That Tattoo of the Jasmine Flower?

Regarding positioning, most women are content to keep their piercings on their forearms or thighs. However, some people adore the collarbone because it is a fun and seductive concept. On the other hand, a jasmine blossom tattoo would look best on a man’s bicep if they got one of these designs.

4. Is Getting a Tattoo of a Jasmine Flower Expensive?

Fortunately, jasmine blossoms and floral tattoos in general tend to be available at quite reasonable prices. They are condensed, stripped down, and straightforward to execute. When designing a flower or jasmine tattoo, you won’t need to spend much time or money, and coming up with color choices won’t be difficult. However, the typical cost of a tattoo is about $150. You should plan accordingly.

5. What Does Getting a Tattoo of a Jasmine Flower Represent?

Did you know that this particular kind of blossom symbolizes and stands for both innocence and love, in addition to sensuality? Also, it is said to have an enticing smell and to show what it means to be humble.

This tattoo is perfect for anyone who wants to clean up their mind and spirit because it shows your commitment to being simple and holy.

Colorful Jasmine Flower Tattoos

1. Jasmine Flower Tattoo Designs

Jasmine Flower Tattoo Designs
Credit: Instagram

A beautiful floral design would look great on the forearm of any woman who appreciates art. This color combination has potential while also being artistic, bold, and eccentric.

This picture is for people who want to make a good impression while still letting people know about their background and real feelings.

Did you know that the average lifespan of a jasmine plant is 20 years?

2. Arabian Jasmine Flower Tattoo

Arabian Jasmine Flower Tattoo
Credit: Instagram

The placement of the collarbone is great for anyone who wishes to look pretty and naive at the same time. But, do you find yourself drawn to pink or pure white flowers and have a soft spot in your heart for charming tattoos? Then, this is a requirement for you!

This branch, along with these flowers, will symbolize the nature-loving and compassionate part of your personality. You will seem like a spiritual person with a lot of love and kindness, but you will also stay in touch with your earthy and practical side.

3. Calf Blue Jasmine Flower Tattoo

Calf Blue Jasmine Flower Tattoo
Credit: Instagram

Those who have muscular and attractive legs are the ones who should consider getting larger calf tattoos. On the other hand, give this some thought if you’re a fan of color and you want to show off your design while enduring it!

Include a significant date that carries a profound meaning and has a spiritual link to you or those in your immediate environment. This larger blue tattoo is perfect for someone who loves flowers and wants to let the world know about their passion for them. Thank the people you care about most to show them how much you love and appreciate them.

Fun fact: Jasmine flowers are around 2.5 centimeters long.

4. Yellow Jasmine Flower Tattoo

Yellow Jasmine Flower Tattoo
Credit: Instagram

If yellow and orange are your two favorite colors and you enjoy expressing your personal style through tattoos, you might consider this design. The fact that it is girly, unique, and feminine makes this design more appealing to women than it is to men. But, on the other hand, you can give it a shot even if you’re not a huge fan of black and white.

The color orange is associated with luck and prosperity. If you are putting on a lot of weight while you are growing, you are going to adore this jasmine design.

5. Jasmine Flower Tattoo Small Design

Jasmine Flower Tattoo Small Design
Credit: Instagram

Younger girls and teens enjoy tattoos on their forearms, particularly those with smaller flowers. Jasmine flowers are the perfect option for you if you’re looking for a way to express your feminine side by using a special object.

This tattoo is a representation of your unadulterated joy and innocence. Those who have been through adversity and have triumphed over it to discover who they are will deeply appreciate this art.

6. Blue Jasmine Flower Tattoo Over Foot

Blue Jasmine Flower Tattoo Over Foot
Credit: Instagram

Foot tattoos are not very common among men, but women adore them. Therefore, foot placement is the best option for you if you are interested in getting an unusual design and you tend toward artistic prints.

This jasmine blossom is incredibly large, and obtaining it can be challenging. But once it’s done right, the tattoo will show the wild side of your personality and who you really are.

Did you know that this flower typically appears in shades of white or yellow most of the time?

7. Jasmine Flower Tattoo Arm Purple Design

Jasmine Flower Tattoo Arm Purple Design
Credit: Instagram

People who enjoy drawing attention to themselves and displaying their positive, upbeat side can consider getting this arm tattoo and this purple pattern. It will take you between three and five hours to complete this artwork.

Purple is often associated with secrecy. However, if you are an upbeat person who enjoys having fun on your own terms, you might be interested in this suggestion.

8. Pink Jasmine Flower Tattoo In Vase

Pink Jasmine Flower Tattoo In Vase
Credit: Instagram

Why not give that enigmatic atmosphere and aesthetic concept a shot? You can put your flowers in a vase and appreciate the one-of-a-kind approach and the potent feeling and message it gives off.

Flowers in a vase are symbolic of one’s own personal growth (so long as they have someone who will water them and one has someone to water them). The message is powerful, and it will show people worldwide that it is possible to overcome any challenge as long as you have the support of the right people.

9. White Jasmine Flower Tattoo On The Side

White Jasmine Flower Tattoo On The Side
Credit: Instagram

Unfortunately, tattoos on the chest or the sides can cause great discomfort. Therefore, if you value functionality but are terrified of needles, you should probably look elsewhere. On the other hand, people who want to be noticed would adore the idea of this tattoo.

The hues of green and pink are very appropriate for springtime. If you want to give the impression that you love your body and are confident in how it looks and if you also enjoy being outdoors, then this is the perfect accessory for you.

A fun fact about flowers is that they typically have between 5 and 9 petals.

10. Jasmine Flower Tattoo With Name

Jasmine Flower Tattoo With Name
Credit: Instagram

To get the most out of your new tattoo, you can consider adding some pink flowers to it and writing your name in black ink. You may also choose to obtain this design in someone else’s honor by using their name when you place your order.

Because pink is an intense color, this tattoo represents both your childlike innocence and your seductive side. This is perfect for you if you’re more of an understated beauty and appreciate art that’s not in your face!

11. Jasmine Flower Tattoo Shoulder Ink

Jasmine Flower Tattoo Shoulder Ink
Credit: Instagram

Jasmine tattoos aren’t exclusive to women; they can also be given to men. If you appreciate getting larger tattoos and are the type who takes pleasure in attention-grabbing features, you should try new things with this design and persist with it. A seductive appearance can even be achieved with color!

This enormous shoulder is a representation of your compassionate side as well as the path that you have traveled. So, if you are as soft as a flower but think of yourself as a man, this is a way to show that!

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12. Forearm Jasmine Flower Pink Tattoo

Forearm Jasmine Flower Pink Tattoo
Credit: Instagram

This is a tiny jasmine bloom for the forearm, perfect for any female who prefers a more understated look. Have fun with the vibrant pair, and don’t be afraid to show the world how and where you feel about that splash of color.

You will give the impression of being an impulsive young woman who is comfortable with who she is and can adjust well to varying and novel environments.

13. Jasmine Flower Tattoo Minimalist Design

Jasmine Flower Tattoo Minimalist Design
Credit: Instagram

This jasmine pattern is delicate and girly in its appearance. Give this one a shot for those who are crazy about real ink and exquisite sensual tattoos. It will take you fewer than three hours to complete it, and you can put it over your arm when you finish.

This flower symbolizes your unadulterated love and the angels surrounding you. This option will serve you best if you are an optimistic person who strives to bring out the best in others and every circumstance.

Did you know that it can be traced back to the western region of China?

Black & White Jasmine Flower Tattoos

1. Arm Simple Ink Jasmine Flower Tattoo

Arm Simple Ink Jasmine Flower Tattoo
Credit: Instagram

If they are done correctly, black tattoos have the potential to look both adorable and sensual. This Jasmine look is not only simple and easy to achieve, but it also exudes an air of understated mystique; who wouldn’t want that?

Black is a color that conveys sophistication and holiness. Your flower will show that you are a newly reborn woman who can inspire and encourage people around you.

2. Giant Jasmine Flower Tattoo Idea

Giant Jasmine Flower Tattoo Idea
Credit: Instagram

This is an absolute must-have for you if you tend toward designs with larger elements. This is an incredible illustration of how commanding it may appear to use larger and bolder ink. The flower and the shape of its petals will be the only things that define your regal look.

This jasmine flower is a symbol of having strong beliefs and the adventure that lies ahead. Most people with magnetic personalities want to wear this print on their bodies.

3. Butterfly Jasmine Flower Tattoo

Butterfly Jasmine Flower Tattoo
Credit: Instagram

Include a date significant to you and use it as a decorative element on your jasmine flower tattoo. Give this a try if you adore black ink and are looking for a way to incorporate some whimsical butterflies into your life.

Butterflies and jasmine blossoms are symbols of power and modesty, as well as an experimental circumstance and a period of transition that you may go through at some point in your life.

It may come as a surprise, but jasmine tea is delicious and beneficial to your health.

4. Collarbone Jasmine Flower Black Tattoo

Collarbone Jasmine Flower Black Tattoo
Credit: Instagram

Do you have a preference for getting tattoos on your chest or collarbone? This is a wonderful go-to placement for women who have their sexual side and who want something delicate yet attention-seeking. Also, it is perfect for people with a seductive side who want to draw attention to themselves.

The flower is a symbol of modesty and affection for those in your immediate vicinity. However, people will inevitably view you as a diva and a pure soul; after all, who wouldn’t adore that?

5. Small Trio Jasmine Flower Tattoo

Small Trio Jasmine Flower Tattoo
Credit: Instagram

This jasmine print is perfect for you if you’re a fan of less extensive tattoos and charming motifs. In addition, this garment is perfect for the kind of person who likes to draw attention to themselves by embracing their minimalist side but doesn’t want to cover their body in too many loud colors.

Your relationship with those in your immediate circle will be represented by three flowers. You should go ahead with the tattoo if you have someone in mind and want to dedicate it to someone you care about.

6. Jasmine Flower Tattoo Shoulder Idea

Jasmine Flower Tattoo Shoulder Idea
Credit: Instagram

Do you adore getting tattoos on your back? This is the one for you if you are looking for something big, bold, and conspicuous. Unfortunately, completing this print may take anywhere from six to eight hours.

Jasmine symbolizes your ability to start over and rejuvenate your journey. Go with this flower to demonstrate your commitment and readiness to try something new in your life if you are at a point in your life when you are ready to try something new, and you truly want to commit to it.

Did you know that the bloom of the jasmine plant is frequently used in producing perfumes?

7. Jasmine Flower Tattoo Small Over Leg

Jasmine Flower Tattoo Small Over Leg
Credit: Instagram

Girls who are drawn to designs that are at once professional and feminine frequently get tattoos on their feet or legs. If you are looking for a simple and quick design, you should choose this jasmine flower.

With this magnificent and exquisite design, you can convey your constancy and love for one another. By placing your feet on this flower, grace and purity of purpose will be demonstrated.

8. Jasmine Flower Tattoo On Thigh Gorgeous Ink

Jasmine Flower Tattoo On Thigh Gorgeous Ink
Credit: Instagram

Massive tattoos on the legs or thighs will look great when combined. Bring this idea to your tattoo artist if you have a lot of empty space on your body, don’t mind showing it off, and aren’t scared to cover it up with dark ink.

This print will help every girl bring out their sexy and beautiful parts. Jasmine blossoms represent solidarity and bravery, and what lady doesn’t want to project a beautiful image of herself to the world?

9. Jasmine Flower Tattoo Minimalist Cute Art

Jasmine Flower Tattoo Minimalist Cute Art
Credit: Instagram

You are not required to let everyone see your tattoo; it need only be known to and visible to you for it to be considered complete. Think about getting this jasmine flower if you are the type who doesn’t like to draw too much attention to yourself and doesn’t enjoy showing off an excessive amount.

It will demonstrate your adorable and creative side. In addition, you will give the impression of being an extremely powerful person who can accomplish what she wants in her own way.

An interesting tidbit is that the flower serves as the official emblem of Hawaii, Indonesia, Pakistan, and the Philippines.

10. Butterfly & Jasmine Flower Tattoo Duo

Butterfly Jasmine Flower Tattoo Duo
Credit: Instagram

You’d have to agree that flowers and butterflies make a beautiful pair, wouldn’t you say? Do you not think this is a story that is captivating in its own unique way and full of character?

Butterflies mean that you are about to start a new adventure, while flowers show that you have never lost touch with your sensual side or your gut instinct.

11. Interesting Jasmine Flowers Black Idea

Interesting Jasmine Flowers Black Idea
Credit: Instagram

Do you want your tattoo to have its own unique meaning and convey a story? When used appropriately, black ink may look stunning, even though it is simple.

This design, which tells a tale, will symbolize the creative and audacious part of you. You will give the impression of being a genuine creative spirit who is aware of how to achieve your objectives in a unique manner.

12. Jasmine Flower Tattoo Sleeve Creation

Jasmine Flower Tattoo Sleeve Creation
Credit: Instagram

This forearm sleeve features black ink with a very slight flash of pink, and it is designed for women who enjoy experimenting with new looks and tattoo styles regularly. A word of warning: putting on sleeves can be a painful and uncomfortable experience.

A person with this tattoo is someone who isn’t afraid to go after what they want in life and has a history of being successful in doing so. If you are a patient person, your jasmine blossom will tell you everything you need to know.

Did you know that the blossoms of the jasmine plant include both male and female reproductive organs?

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13. Giant Black Neck Jasmine Inspired Tattoo

Giant Black Neck Jasmine Inspired Tattoo
Credit: Instagram

This is an absolute must for you if you enjoy getting neck tattoos and want to draw attention to yourself. Even though men are more likely to have neck tattoos, anyone can wear this beautiful design.

It represents your charm, how much you’ve grown as an individual, how you see yourself in the rest of this chaotic world, and your own experience.

Are There Any Floral Addicts Out There Who Are Still Waiting for Their New Tattoo?

What are your thoughts on this post, as well as our really stunning Jasmine flowers? Every person will appreciate sticking to one of these inventions; make sure you let us know which one is your go-to, or holy grail, creation by letting us know which one you consider your favorite.

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