Joker Tattoo Design Ideas: 50+ Browse the Latest Designs

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Your favorite character may appear very stunning when tattooed on your body! Do you consider yourself a fan of the Joker himself? The world is familiar with his wry smile and stubborn demeanor, as well as with his iconic quips. Do you want to get the most incredible tattoo to express your admiration for the film?

A Joker tattoo might have a basic message that says “your respect for the film,” or it might have something more personal and meaningful inscribed on the surface. Take a look at your alternatives in the section below!

What are the benefits of getting a Joker tattoo?

A Joker tattoo would be required if one were to watch the movie. This list, as well as all of our Joker-inspired tattoos, will appeal to lovers of both Batman and the Joker. Anyone who likes the District of Columbia will enjoy our top 25 choices.

What Is the Symbolism of a Joker Tattoo?

In addition to representing you as an individual, a Joker tattoo will also symbolize your preferred method of presenting yourself to the world. The real-life Joker is a criminal with nefarious motives and terrible history. Even the most positive people have their sad times, so why not let yours be known with the appropriate tattoo? A Joker symbolizes rebirth and persistence since he always comes back to life!

Joker Tattoos on the Back and Chest

1. Joker’s chest is tattooed in black ink

Joker Chest Tattoo Black Ink

This joker tattoo across your chest will look great on you if you are active, have a larger trunk, and believe in the existence of true love. It will be helpful to fans of the Joker and Harley Quinn and perfectionists!

You could dedicate this joker breast tattoo to the person who means the most to you (if you have one). If not, it might just serve to demonstrate to others how much you enjoy this film.

2. Design For A Joker Tattoo In Black And White On The Back

Joker Tattoo Black And White Back Design

This Joker back tattoo would look fantastic on males who like to dress in tank tops and want to show off their chiseled physique. You will need at least 4 hours (minimum) to complete this tattoo because it is highly attention-getting in nature.

As well as representing your fury, it may also represent your strange inner ideas and twisted psyche. It will be more comfortable when worn over your shoulder or across your full-back.

3. Joker Face Tattoos On Chest

Joker Face Tattoos On Chest

This joker tattoo, which a woman-inspired, will look fantastic on your breast. Even though it isn’t painful, it will take several hours to get this design on your chest. Before you commit to this tattoo, make sure that your tattoo artist is precise and experienced when it comes to his tattoos and that you are comfortable with his work.

This tattoo represents your more fun and personal side. If you’re someone who enjoys going on adventures, this joker tattoo will let people recognize your enthusiasm.

4. Colorful Joker Tattoo Drawing

Colorful Joker Tattoo Drawing

This joker stomach tattoo is a little unpleasant to acquire, but it will look great on you if you enjoy flamboyant tattoos like this. With its unique design, this item will appeal to real fans and admirers of the film.

Other people will know that you’re a fan of the movie and that you enjoy both bright and evil characters in most of your favorite stories if you have this joker stomach tattoo on your stomach.

Did you know that the Joker’s actual name might be Jack or Arthur, depending on whom you ask?

5. Joker Tattoo Designs Inspired by Batman

Joker Tattoo Ideas Batman Inspired

This back piece may be used to express your admiration for both characters. This back tattoo is a great way to express your respect for the Joker and Batman. It might take up to four hours to complete this ink project.

You may experience internal conflict between good and evil from time to time, which is expected given that we all struggle daily! Display your true self with this simple tattoo. It will also serve as a sign of your strength and determination to continue developing and discovering new chapters in your life.

Shoulder Joker Tattoos in a variety of styles

1. The design of the Joker Tattoo is hilarious

Joker Tattoo Hahaha Design 2
Joker Tattoo Hahaha Design
Joker Tattoo Hahaha Design 1

You have the option of decorating your shoulder with a design of your choice or like. Before you commit to this joker tattoo, be sure you’re happy with your current physical appearance.

It will tell you that you know how to have a good time and make jokes with the folks in your immediate vicinity. You are most likely a beam of sunshine at all times, as well as in your circle of acquaintances.

2. Joker Face Tattoos Card Inspired Tattoo

Joker Face Tattoos Card Inspired Tattoo 1
Joker Face Tattoos Card Inspired Tattoo

This forearm tattoo in black ink will look fantastic on most men. A terrific tattoo artist experienced with portrait tattoos and faces, as well as figures from cartoons or anime, should be on your shortlist.

This particular detail will demonstrate to others that you are a fan of the series. Because you enjoy all of the characters and the dramatic parts, and you prefer simple designs. You want to express your enthusiasm for movies via simple techniques.

3. Heath Ledger’s Tattoo of the Joker

Heath Ledger Joker Tattoo 3
Heath Ledger Joker Tattoo 2
Heath Ledger Joker Tattoo 1
Heath Ledger Joker Tattoo

This massive shoulder or sleeve tattoo will appeal to males who appreciate real and visible tattoos. If you want to draw attention to yourself and have everyone be impressed by your passion for a unique work of art, this is the design for you to choose.

It will demonstrate that you are a courageous individual who wants to express your genuine self through the use of an appropriate tattoo! Joker tattoos are suitable for everyone, but you must know how to wear them.

4. Is Your Joker Tattoo Serious? Shoulder Tattoo: Joker Tattoo: Why So Serious?

Joker Tattoo Why So Serious Shoulder Tattoo 2
Joker Tattoo Why So Serious Shoulder Tattoo 1
Joker Tattoo Why So Serious Shoulder Tattoo

You may like this shoulder piece as well. It is the most outstanding design for hardcore fans of the Joker, as it features all of his lines from the film, and it is also the most affordable.

Throughout the film, the question “Why are you so serious?” arises repeatedly. It is the most well-known comment uttered by Joker.

Getting this tattoo indicates that you are someone who enjoys going through life with a grin on their face and who does not take all of your stages seriously, as described above.

Did you know that a silent film inspired a comedian’s smile? Conrad Veidt created it in 1928, and it has been in use ever since.

5. Tattoo with a watercolor splash joker

Watercolor Splash Joker Tattoo 2
Watercolor Splash Joker Tattoo
Watercolor Splash Joker Tattoo 1

Are you a lover of bright colors? Over their shoulders, this splash of watercolor will appeal to males who desire something a little more apparent as well as encouraging and colorful. It is intended for creative individuals that like to be noticed at all times.

You are most likely a budding artist, hidden deep within your heart. You understand how to present your actual self to the appropriate audience. Even though you have a hard exterior to break, you are a joy to be around at all times!

Tattoos of the Joker on the Leg

1. Ink Tattoo Joker Designs on the Calf in Vibrant Colors

Bright Tattoo Joker Designs On Calf 1
Bright Tattoo Joker Designs On Calf

Do you adore your calf muscles and want to flaunt them at all times? If so, read on. Put on a pair of shorts and be confident in your appearance. This joker tattoo will sting, but the discomfort is manageable, and the size is ideal for someone who exercises often.

Fans of the DC comics will like this bright and colorful joker tattoo. It will reveal your genuine objectives and aspirations, as well as your accurate perspective on DC superheroes and villains. You are most likely a person of strong character and determination.

2. Tattoos of the Joker Card

Joker Card Tattoos 2
Joker Card Tattoos
Joker Card Tattoos 1

This massive thigh tattoo will look fantastic on active males and have much skin, and on females who want larger tattoos and have much flesh. It will take you at least five hours to complete this design.

Colorful and loud tattoos are ideal for perfectionists and people who tend toward huge tattoos of various sizes. This Joker thigh tattoo will represent your love of color and intricate designs, as well as your admiration for the Joker himself!

3. Suicide Squad Calf Tattoo with a Detailed Joker Design

Calf Detailed Joker Tattoo Suicide Squad 5
Calf Detailed Joker Tattoo Suicide Squad 4
Calf Detailed Joker Tattoo Suicide Squad 3
Calf Detailed Joker Tattoo Suicide Squad 2
Calf Detailed Joker Tattoo Suicide Squad 1
Calf Detailed Joker Tattoo Suicide Squad

Calf Joker tattoos are for men who are dedicated to their fitness regimen. This tattoo will draw attention to your body image and inform people that you prefer dreamlike tattoos. You will need to return a couple of times to get this tattoo completed by a qualified tattoo artist. Before you begin the tattooing procedure, be sure you completely trust him.

This black tattoo will serve as a representation of your inner self and your actual objectives. It will demonstrate that you are a lover of legitimate tattoos and fine art. Why not get this Joker tattoo, which would look great on both men and women?

4. Thigh Joker Tattoo Design: Bright and Vibrant

Thigh Joker Tattoo Drawing Colorful

This vibrant and vivid tattoo is ideal for anyone who enjoys bigger and more colorful patterns. It is available in several sizes. Tattoos of the Joker, such as this one, are not only beautiful, but they are also masterpieces. A professional tattoo artist will take 5–6 hours to complete this dazzling ink design.

In addition to representing your actual intentions, it also means your tenacious side. The most excellent portrayal of your tattoo artist’s artwork should take a couple of hours and be requested by your tattoo artist. This tattoo will serve as a reminder of your actual self as well as your devotion to DC Comics.

Ryan Gosling was almost cast in the role of your favorite movie! Would you be able to imagine him playing the part of the Joker?

5. Designing a No-Risk Joker Tattoo is Simple

Joker No Risk Tattoo Idea

Isn’t it true that there is no risk without reward? This huge forearm tattoo is ideal for guys who enjoy having inspirational words tattooed all over their bodies. Not everyone will appreciate this black ink tattoo that has been washed away. However, you could like it if your favorite songs and quotations are among your favorites.

This Joker tattoo will demonstrate your admiration for the film, as well as your knowledge of all of its most memorable quotations. Choose something personal to you because certain tattoo artists will be able to provide you with a fantastic story-telling tattoo.

Scary Joker Tattoos come in a variety of designs.

1. The frightful Dark Red Joker Tattoo is a frightening design

Scary Dark Red Joker Tattoo

This quote-inspired Joker tattoo appeals to those who appreciate precise and direct tattoos. It will take you 5–6 hours to complete this tattoo on the inside of your thigh or inside of your leg. The larger the surface area, the longer it will take to clean it up.

This tattoo will represent your admiration for the most exact designs available. It will also demonstrate that you enjoy watching movies and pay great attention to the details. This frightening tattoo is suitable for anyone who likes more intricate designs.

2. Tattoo of the Joker’s Face in Red Ink on the Arm

Joker Face Tattoo Over Arm Red Ink

Do you want a tattoo that is inspired by blood and flesh? Those who enjoy terrifying pieces and are not frightened of blood will appreciate this red design. It is also appropriate for any plans that are SFX-inspired or comparable.

This Joker is a little out of the ordinary. It will appeal to those who enjoy appearing both frightening and magical simultaneously. This dark red tattoo will communicate that you are a self-motivated individual who wants to attract attention. As a result, you are undoubtedly courageous, so why not flaunt it with a Joker red tattoo?

3. Tattoo of the Joker with Black and White Eyes

Joker Tattoo Black And White Eyes Design

The Joker is terrible enough on his own, but with his eyes? What was he thinking?

This tattoo is for daring men who wish to stand out and fans of the DC film The Dark Knight Rises.

The symbolism of the Joker tattoo is rather apparent, as is the fact that it is frightening. The daring and unusual part of you may be displayed in this black and white and intricately detailed piece of artwork. It will communicate that you are not frightened of people and wish to be seen.

4. Tattoo of the Joker in the style of Pop Art Cartoons

Pop Art Cartoon Inspired Joker Tattoo

Tattoos that are cartoon-inspired or comic-book-inspired will suit you if you want to draw attention wherever you go with your vibrant tattoo. Many colors, ink, and many powerful tattoos are what this one is all about for the boys.

Make it clear to others that they must not meddle with you. This Joker tattoo may also express your admiration for this character, as well as for all of the films in which he appears!

Did you realize that the Joker is a dark reflection of Batman’s image? He has been created to be the antithesis of everything that Batman is.

5. Large Thigh Joker Tattoo

Large Thigh Joker Tattoo

Is there anything about terror and twistedness that you enjoy? Put an end to your hesitations and say “yes” to this Joker tattoo! It is the ideal leg piece and a beautiful thigh tattoo that guys will desire to obtain, especially if they prefer villains in most of their favorite films.

The yellow, orange and green hues are a little out of the ordinary, but you can make them work! Aside from serving as a representation of the Joker himself, these colors will also communicate to people that you are a light of sunshine to be around despite your frightening attire!

Bright and colorful Joker tattoo designs

1. Funny Joker Tattoo Small Design

Funny Joker Tattoo Small Design

Adding some hot lettering and a distinctive color wave to your Joker tattoo will make it stand out! This leg design will draw attention wherever you go, so be prepared to receive a flurry of curious glances.

This Joker will serve as a representation of your fearless and determined side. In movies, the evil guys are probably your favorite characters, and you don’t want to fool other people.

2. Joker Face Tattoos On Arm With A Quote

Joker Face Tattoos On Arm With A Quote

This tattoo has the potential to convey a more profound significance; it all depends on how you choose to embellish it with the appropriate letters and quotations. With this splash of color and these more extensive tattoos, guys who enjoy one-of-a-kind tattoos, as well as distinctive symbols, can find something to love.

Putting on a cheerful face may communicate a great deal about you. The majority of us struggle with our daily tasks and expressing that we’re having a difficult time is both expected and human. With this tattoo, you can show the world who you are.

3. An Incredibly Bright and Colorful Joker Tattoo Design Idea

Bright And Colorful Joker Tattoo Lego Idea

Are you a lover of Lego bricks? Almost every young boy has liked or continues to love playing with Legos at some point in their lives. This innovative and one-of-a-kind artwork will appeal to pop art fans, modern art, and colorful and distinctive items.

With this Joker tattoo, you’ll be able to show the world your natural colors. Aside from being a fan of the Joker, you may also be a lover of Legos, so why not display your enthusiasm for both with this Joker tattoo?

4. Large Joker Thigh Tattoo Realistic Ink

Large Joker Thigh Tattoo Realistic Ink



Thigh tattoos are notoriously painful, so bear that in mind now that you’ve been forewarned. It will take you more than 5 hours to complete this Joker tattoo, but the ultimate result will be well worth it in the long run.

It’s hard to imagine, but this Joker tattoo is rather typical, whether you like it or not. It is a huge item that will look best on guys with a robust and manly build. This Joker tattoo will represent all of your trials and tribulations, as well as all of your victories.

The Joker and Harley Quinn are two of the most popular characters to dress up as for Halloween. The finest example of a love-hate relationship is also the most well-known of all.

5. Batman & Joker Inspired Tattoo

Batman Joker Inspired Tattoo

Last but not least, how about this tattoo of the Joker and Batman? It has that classic comic book feel that you will like if you read a lot regularly. A must-have for any real DC fan, this arm piece, as well as the striking color choice, is fantastic.

This tattoo may reflect both your good and bad aspects, as well as your positive and sad sides, depending on how you want to interpret it. We all go through stages from time to time, and the best way to express yourself is with this Joker-inspired tattoo!

Other Joker Tattoo Design Ideas

Joker tattoo 38
Joker tattoo 30
Joker tattoo 16
Joker tattoo 14
Joker tattoo 13
Joker tattoo 9
Joker tattoo 8
Joker tattoo 4
Joker tattoo 3
Joker tattoo 1
Joker tattoo 66
Joker tattoo 62
Joker tattoo 59
Joker tattoo 53
Joker tattoo 55
Joker tattoo 56
Joker tattoo 52
Joker tattoo 51
Joker tattoo 49
Joker tattoo 40
Joker tattoo 41
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Joker tattoo 39
Joker No Risk Tattoo Idea

Are you ready to have your Joker tattoo?

Are you ready to get your ideal Joker tattoo? These 25 patterns will appeal to both men and women, and everyone will have no trouble finding the perfect fit for themselves! If you are a fan of the DC comics, you will like our selection. Leave a comment telling us whether you already have a Joker tattoo, and if not, which one from our list is a must-have for you.

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