What Tattoo Artists Hate: 13 Things Their Clients Do That Annoy Them

what do tattoo artists hate

When visiting a tattoo parlor, it is expected that each customer will behave in a manner that is appropriate for the establishment. It should go without saying that you can’t act in any way you want inside a tattoo parlor, but just in case: you can’t. A lack of respect for tattoo artists and the laborious work they put into creating fantastic body art is demonstrated by inappropriate behavior.

As a result of dealing with a variety of customers, it has become abundantly evident that tattoo artists despise some behaviors that people engage in. So, in the next few paragraphs, we’ll talk about some of the things that tattoo artists all over the world dislike the most and tell our readers how to avoid doing them.

Before getting a tattoo, read this and do your best to adhere to the specific guidelines for appropriate behavior. So, without further ado, let’s get the ball rolling here, shall we?

13 Things That Piss Off Every Tattoo Artist

1. Not Knowing What You Want

Clients who visit a tattoo parlor with the expectation that the tattoo artist will magically produce a flawless tattoo design without any input from them are likely one of the worst things that could happen. Before having a tattoo, every customer should have a concept of the design they’d want to have done; the tattoo artist may work on it and make it look even better. On the other hand, it is not acceptable to visit the studio without having a clear idea of what you want and to reject the proposals made by the tattoo artist.

2. Having a Craving for the Tattoos of Others

Requesting that a tattoo artist imitate the work of another tattoo artist is not only impolite but also shows a high level of contempt. In certain areas, it is also illegal. A tattoo artist can get into legal hot water if they impersonate the artistic property of another person without first obtaining permission from them or talking with them. Have we mentioned that some people fabricate the fact that their desired tattoo design was created by another tattoo artist?Tattoo artists despise it when clients lie about such things. But people lie.

3. Altering Your Opinion On The Same Day As Your Appointment

The following are two things that tattoo artists despise having to deal with on the day of an appointment, and both of them are as follows:

  • Changing or canceling an appointment without sufficient justification: It is impolite for some people to reschedule or cancel appointments simply because they can.Naturally, suppose there is an unexpected problem. In that case, the tattoo artist will try to reschedule the appointment at another time convenient for the customer and reassure them.
  • The client expresses a desire to alter the layout of the tattoo, which is possibly one of the most foolish things a client can do. It is polite to reconsider the tattoo design before you get it done, especially if you are paying for it.

No one should be coerced into getting a tattoo if they do not want one. However, customers typically have time to reconsider their decisions before arranging an appointment for a tattooing session.
In addition, if a client wants to change their custom design idea on the day they meet with the designer, they will typically be sent to the bottom of the waiting list.

4. Expressing Strong Disapproval of the Price of the Tattoo

Before scheduling a consultation with your tattoo artist, you should know, or at the very least have the expectation, that the cost of the tattoo will be relatively expensive. Some people enjoy being dumb and wishing the price would go down or they could receive a discount for no particular reason.

This demonstrates that these individuals have little appreciation for the artistic effort and labor of getting a tattoo. Tattoo artists do not appreciate customers who openly poke fun at the price of their tattoos. It is common knowledge that there is a rationale behind why tattoos cost what they do.

5. Bring your entire group together.

It is not a problem to go to a tattoo session with a friend; a tattoo shop will not fuss over that. However, some customers arrive at the studio with many friends, which typically causes chaos and disruption throughout the space. To begin with, the bulk of tattoo parlors are not particularly large establishments.

Your pals will take up too much room, and the tattoo artist will find them annoying because of their presence. Because a tattoo parlor is not the same as a bar or a social gathering, you should either bring a small group of people to your appointment or make an effort to go by yourself.

6. Lacking Personal Hygiene or Shaving

Some customers come to their appointments for tattoos without first showering, possibly one of the most unprofessional things they can do. Some individuals do not even shave the part of their body that will be tattooed.

It disrespects the tattoo artist if you don’t clean yourself before your session. Because this individual is required to operate near your body for an extended period, you can understand why this behavior is not only impolite but also unhygienic.

Some people desire tattoos in unusual places, such as the genital region, the bottom region, the armpits, and other areas. If the tattoo artist cannot take a breath while working, then there is unquestionably something wrong.

When it comes to shaving, it is necessary to shave the region that will be tattooed before the appointment. If your tattoo artist needs to shave you, they will waste time and risk cutting themselves with the razor.

Should this occur, the tattoo artist won’t be able to do their job correctly. Therefore, you should shave at home and arrive at the appointment clean and ready to go.

7. Getting Restless During the Process of Getting a Tattoo

When getting a tattoo, the customer must maintain stillness throughout the process. You are making it very difficult for your tattoo artist to do a good job and avoid mistakes by squirming and moving around while working on you.

The customer must inform the tattoo artist if they are experiencing any discomfort, for instance. They will take a short break, providing you with an opportunity to collect your thoughts and be ready for the next step in the procedure. But even this has the potential to become frustrating.

Apply a topical pain control ointment to the area where the tattoo will be placed, or select a location on the body that will cause minor discomfort if you don’t think you can tolerate getting the tattoo. Aside from that, you should try your best to remain still until the tattooist is through.

8. Getting a Phone Call During the Process of Getting a Tattoo

Even while getting a tattoo, some people cannot put their phones away for more than a few hours at a time. You should probably let your tattooist know in advance if you intend to be on your phone the entire time, talking or texting on it, and if you plan to do so while the tattoo is being done. Otherwise, you will merely give the impression that you do not respect others.

It is acceptable to occasionally look at your phone as a way to pass the time (provided that you are situated in such a way that it is safe to do so during the process). Talking on the phone the entire time is not only impolite and inconsiderate, but it can also distract the person getting the tattoo. Some customers even resort to using the loudspeaker, which is quite impolite toward everyone else in the tattoo parlor.

9. Coming to the Door Intoxicated or Drunk

It is common practice among tattoo artists not to work on inebriated customers. In certain areas, it is even illegal to do so. However, showing up for a tattoo session while under the influence of alcohol or other drugs is disrespectful to the tattoo artists and everyone else in the studio on various levels.

Additionally, it is hazardous for a client to have a tattoo while under the influence of alcohol because alcohol dilutes and thins the blood, which can result in severe bleeding both during and after the process of getting the tattoo. Not to mention that drinking alcohol can make you fidgety and restless when you are tattooed, which will increase the likelihood that a mistake will be made.

The ideal thing for customers is to abstain from alcohol at least a few days before their scheduled tattoo appointment and many days after their tattoo is applied. Not to mention that drinking alcohol on the day of the meeting is a no-no.

10. Consuming Food During The Meeting

Every client is strongly advised to consume a snack during the pause in the middle of the tattoo. Having food in your mouth during the session is impolite and distracting to the artist. To begin with, the food’s aroma could not appeal to the customer.
In addition, the food and the crumbs can get all over you, jeopardizing the tattoo. The area around the tattoo must be kept clean and sanitary, so if you want to eat during the break, you should put your sandwich away first.

11. Increasing The Pressure On The Tattoo Artist To Work Faster

Some folks have a short attention span and require the tattoo to be completed in record time. However, even the most petite tattoo takes time, which is something every customer should keep in mind before obtaining a permanent mark on their skin.
Therefore, it is incredibly impolite to press the tattoo artist to work more quickly. It is something that everyone in the world who strives to do a good job despises, especially when it comes to people.Tattoo artists are not the only ones who feel this way.

Would you tell a doctor to hurry up and do an operation? You wouldn’t do that at all. Therefore, observing somebody who is in the process of sticking a needle through their skin is not something that will be beneficial to anyone.

12. Not Tipping the Tattoo Artist

Tipping is appropriate for any task that requires a lot of time, creativity, and labor, and tattooing is no exception. People who get tattoos but don’t credit the artists who did them are sometimes considered rude. Tipping is the least you can do after someone just painted a masterpiece on your body, which is why you should do it.
Every customer is expected to leave a tip that ranges from 15% to 25% of the total cost of the tattoo. Tipping is a way for customers to express gratitude to service providers for their work, effort, and overall experience. Therefore, tattoo artists have a deep-seated animosity towards customers who do not leave tips.

13. Not Following The Standard Aftercare Instructions (And Blaming The Tattoo Artist For The Results)

Every tattoo artist will walk their customers through the aftercare process in great detail. When the tattoo is healing, the customer can benefit from these suggestions, which will also protect them from the risk of contracting an infection.
Because specific customers do not listen to their tattooists, they frequently encounter complications with their tattoos, including a rash, bleeding, swelling, and others. After that, they make an enormous fuss and accuse the tattoo artist of “not doing a decent job.” This leads to further complications. These individuals are likely considered among the most reviled in the tattoo community. You can’t blame the tattoo artist for how your tattoo turned out because you didn’t take care of it right.

A Few Parting Thoughts

There is a rationale behind the establishment of tattoo etiquette. People would do anything they pleased in tattoo studios if there were no guidelines to restrict their behavior. Therefore, the most important thing we, as customers, can do is to make getting tattoos easy for the artists who put in the most effort.

It shouldn’t be too much to expect people to behave appropriately and come in clean and shaven on their own without a large group of pals. Therefore, the next time you get a tattoo, keep in mind these things that tattoo artists despise, and do your best to steer clear of them.

It shouldn’t be that difficult; if you do it right, the result will be an outstanding experience for you and a closer connection to your tattoo artist.

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