99+ Amazing Unicorn Tattoo Design Ideas (Meaning and Symbolism)

unicorn tattoo design ideas

Do you have a soft spot for imaginative and whimsical tattoos? What about some eccentric or hilarious features or animals? You will absolutely adore reading this article if you have a peaceful place in your heart for mystical beasts and unicorns. In this article, we will discuss the meanings associated with unicorns and detail the thirty distinct kinds of tattoos available to choose from. Continue reading; I’m sure you’ll find the unicorn of your dreams below!

What You Should Know About Getting a Unicorn Tattoo

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1. What Does Having A Unicorn Tattoo Mean?

If you have never done so before, there has never been a better moment to get a tattoo of a unicorn. People frequently use the word “unicorn” to symbolize independence, magic, and innocence.

These days, they can stand for a wide variety of things, including innocence and the healing process. They are frequently connected to happy and miraculous events that will take place in your life. Depending on the color and size of the unicorn, however, they can also represent different feelings and pure qualities.

2. Who Can Get a Tattoo of a Unicorn?

The decision to get a tattoo of a unicorn is entirely up to the individual. If you like dated and offensive ideas, you might find some funky unicorns to your liking. You can get a tattoo if you’re a guy, but before you get one, consider what color combination you like most. Getting a tattoo and using color in it can produce diverse looks on different people.

3. Would you say that these tattoos are expensive?

Getting a tattoo of a unicorn does not have to break the bank. They frequently range in price, and the end result will mainly (if not entirely) be determined by the level of talent that your tattoo artist possesses and their reputation in the business. Expect to pay up to $90 for a small unicorn tattoo and up to $300 for a big tattoo that covers your whole back.

4. Where on Your Body Should You Get Your Unicorn Tattoo If You Want It to Look Its Best?

You have a lot of freedom in determining where your unicorn tattoo will go on your body. You are the one who will be making the decision, and multiple possible outcomes depend on your selection. Since a tattoo is humorous, colorful, and joyful, many people choose fun places. You will like (and ought to think about) the following possibilities:

  • Your arm or palm/fist
  • Your neck
  • Chest
  • Finger
  • Leg or thigh area

If you want to give the impression that you are serious, you should steer clear of extreme placements like having a tattoo next to your heart or around your veins.

10 Designs for a Unicorn Tattoo in Black and White

A Tattoo of a Black Unicorn

Black Unicorn Tattoo
Credit: Instagram

Try your hand at drawing this unicorn using black and white ink if you’re a fan of the style. It is a tattoo that is more on the surface. However, it is still something you will appreciate if you are looking for monochrome solutions.

Your unicorn might have a more girly appearance if you decorate it with pretty flowers. This black ink will tell a narrative all on its own, making it the ideal choice for genuine girly girls.

Did you know that the word “unicorn” literally translates to “one horn”?

2. Black Unicorn Tattoo For Ladies

Black Unicorn Tattoo For Ladies
Credit: Instagram

Why don’t you have this tattoo of a blazing unicorn, which is expressive and one of a kind in its own right? It will take approximately three to four hours to complete this tattoo, so please keep this in mind before scheduling your appointment.

This unicorn, standing on its feet, represents your magical will and how you address life. Give this tattoo a try if you don’t worry about your safety and have complete faith in yourself at all times.

3. Mythical Artwork Featuring a Black Unicorn Tattoo Design

Black Unicorn Tattoo Design Mythical Print
Credit: Instagram

A limited number of tattoo artists are capable of creating this particular type of tattoo. If your unicorn is talented and accurate, you shouldn’t be afraid to try your luck with this formidable unicorn. I think you’ll agree that the end product portrays a person who is both dramatic and elegant.

Your determination to win and accomplish big things in a short time is represented by the use of dark, muted ink and sinister-looking black lines like these.

4. The Positioning of a Small Unicorn Tattoo on the Arm

Small Unicorn Tattoo Arm Placement
Credit: Instagram

This tattoo on the back of the elbow is covered in many different elements. It is the ideal piece for any artist who values precision and attention to detail. You will love this striking print if you’re a fan of geometric shapes and patterns.

This unicorn represents your tenacity and your bravery in the face of adversity. It demonstrates that you are willing to try new and actual moves and activities.

Unicorns, despite popular belief, do not possess wings.

5. Ink for the Outline of a Black Unicorn Tattoo

Black Unicorn Tattoo Outline Ink
Credit: Instagram

Suppose you appreciate faded art and tattoos that have a mysterious quality to them. In that case, you will like this striking image. Because it does not require as much time as other prints, you will absolutely adore it!

This fading ink represents your personality and how it might develop through time. This unicorn will show that you can quickly adapt to new situations while staying quiet as you change.

6. Beautiful Unicorn Horns in Black Ink

Gorgeous Unicorn Black Ink
Credit: Instagram

You will love this giant unicorn if you have a thing for arm tattoos or bicep tattoos. It is a massive and terrifying tattoo, and only a select few have the guts to wear it. If you think you have what it takes to take on this unicorn, go for it!

It has the appearance of a real tattoo, and if unicorns were to come to life, they would appear to have this design on their bodies.

7. Small Unicorn Tattoo Face Ink

Small Unicorn Tattoo Face Ink
Credit: Instagram

Do you have the guts to get tattoos on your face? Do you take pride in being the center of attention wherever you go? Try getting a facial tattoo if you’re in a profession that doesn’t frown upon it. It is ideal for women who like to be the center of attention and seek it out for themselves.

This unicorn represents your omnipotence and the undeniable allure you exude in every situation. Demonstrate to the world that you are constantly driven by power and energy!

Did you know that “Pegasi” refers to a unicorn with wings?

8. Arm Print Featuring a Black Unicorn Tattoo

Black Unicorn Tattoo Arm Print
Credit: Instagram

You should give this one a shot if you’re the type who enjoys getting sleeve tattoos. It is a dominant and enormous unicorn that shows off a person who is always aware of what they have and what belongs to them.

You can demonstrate that you are not afraid of death by embellishing your tattoo with various skull emblems. You’ll give off the impression of someone strong and capable of thriving despite adverse conditions simply by how you carry yourself.

9. Stomach Unicorn Tattoo

Stomach Unicorn Tattoo
Credit: Instagram

Not everyone should have a tattoo on their stomach. This is a style that will appeal to you if you have the confidence to wear it and are someone who enjoys drawing attention to themselves. It works wonderfully for women who are confident in how their bodies look and feel.

This tattoo on your tummy represents your feminine side and your determination to attract good and positive energy into your life. This tattoo can also be seen as a representation of your incredible journey or even your fertility.

10. Black Unicorn Tattoo With Flowers

Black Unicorn Tattoo With Flowers
Credit: Instagram

This is an excellent design for someone who wants a tattoo on their forearm. Suppose you are the type of person who values complexity above straightforwardness. In that case, this design, which features snow, will appeal to your sense of style.

This flower-adorned unicorn demonstrates your strength and sound, pure feminine side. The result shows that the person is able to deal with high drama while still being elegant, no matter what.

10 Cute Unicorn Tattoos

1. A Tattoo of a Unicorn with a Rainbow

Unicorn Rainbow Tattoo
Credit: Instagram

If you prefer tattoos on a smaller scale, you will definitely enjoy and be drawn to this particular piece. Completing this pattern will take you no more than two hours of your time.

Someone who is inherently bubbly, loving, and caring will be symbolized by these colors as having a happy disposition. By getting a tattoo of a unicorn, you can demonstrate that you also have a kind and caring side.

A little-known truth about unicorns is that they were first mentioned in writing by the ancient Greeks.

2. Detailed Small Unicorn Tattoo

Detailed Small Unicorn Tattoo
Credit: Instagram

This more subtle tattoo is perfect for those nervous about getting inked. It is the ideal solution for anyone terrified of the needle itself.

To accurately portray this beauty and this unicorn, you need to stick to using black and white ink. Anyone who appreciates the art of understatement will adore it.

3. Funny Colorful Unicorn Tattoo

Funny Colorful Unicorn Tattoo
Credit: Instagram

Both the design on the forearm and the one on the wrist are great options for someone who appreciates more delicate concepts. Ensure you have at least two to three hours of free time before going ahead with this tattoo.

This print will appeal to you if you have a penchant for humorous concepts and sarcastic tattoos. With this unicorn tattoo, you can show everyone how much you hate people and also show how strong and sarcastic you are.

4. Colorful Ironic Unicorn Tattoo

Colorful Ironic Unicorn Tattoo
Credit: Instagram

If you appreciate patterns like that, you’ll find that this bright and vivid unicorn tattoo appeals to you. Because it is so outspoken and distinct from the other options, it is perfect for most women.

If you prefer elaborate tattoos and bold concepts, you will be drawn to this design without realizing it. This one is very happy and would be a great choice for most young women who want a cute unicorn tattoo.

Did you know that unicorns consider rainbows to be their favorite food?

5. A Cool and Funny Unicorn Tattoo in Bright Blue

Bright Blue Funny Unicorn Tattoo
Credit: Instagram

Do you enjoy pony tattoos? What do you think of this dainty and adorable pony tattoo? It is excellent for anyone who is looking for cutesy concepts and clever designs.

If blue is your favorite hue, add a few splashes of it here and there. If you are someone who enjoys ideas that are cute and delicate, then you should display their beauty and your playful side.

6. Loud Colorful Forearm Outline Unicorn Tattoo

Loud Colorful Forearm Outline Unicorn Tattoo
Credit: Instagram

What about a pony that is both magical and mystical? This is an excellent design for you if you like colorful and creative tattoos, as it features both elements. It is a perfect choice for the majority of younger women.

The conclusion reveals a dreamer as well as someone who is intensely in touch with their feelings. [As an example:][As an example:]It is an ideal choice for young people who are self-motivated and determined.

7. A Delicate Unicorn Tattoo Color Idea

Delicate Unicorn Tattoo Color Idea
Credit: Instagram

If you prefer getting designs on your legs or ankles, you should get this tattoo. It is simple yet adorable, and it is ideal for anyone who appreciates ideas that are artistic and feminine.

This pony represents your innate drive to achieve success and your tendency toward perfectionism. You can let everyone know with this poster if you have a naturally fluffy and giving personality.

A fun fact about unicorns is that their eyes are either blue or purple no matter what.

8. Unicorn Tattoo Design With Heart Prints

Unicorn Tattoo Design With Heart Prints
Credit: Instagram

This colorful tattoo is perfect for those individuals who like to express themselves through bold thoughts and eccentric expressions. If you recognize yourself in this description, why don’t you give this pony a try?

Include some balloons to make it sillier and cuter than it already is. This is an excellent tattoo for women who are going through something meaningful in their lives at the moment.

9. Art Tattoo Featuring a Watercolor Splash Unicorn

Watercolor Splash Unicorn Art Tattoo
Credit: Instagram

This bicep tattoo is perfect for those individuals who take pride in showcasing their natural traits. This tattoo shows the world the pure and bright side of your personality.

This burst of color will symbolize your inner self and how you feel about adjusting to new people and circumstances. This print will demonstrate that you are always looking for new and exciting experiences.

10. Dark Unicorn Tattoo With Flowers

Dark Unicorn Tattoo With Flowers
Credit: Instagram

This smaller version of the unicorn tattoo is a design that is both quick and simple to get. Completing this artsy cure poster will take you at least two to three hours.

Embellish your tattoo with flowers, and demonstrate the beauty of your design by highlighting its creative aspect. This design could show that you are always looking for the truth, that you are kind, and that you live in the real world.

10 Big & Colorful Unicorn Tattoos

1. Colorful Unicorn Tattoo Applied on the Thigh

Unicorn Thigh Tattoo Colorful Print
Credit: Instagram

You should give this tattoo a shot if you like getting extremely huge and colorful designs on your body. It has a striking print that will look great on most teenage girls.

This unicorn will demonstrate to the rest of the world that you consistently bring forth good feelings and emotions that are appropriate among other people. Through the use of your unicorn, demonstrate to the world that you care.

Did you know that a unicorn’s horn functions as an energy conduit for the animal?

2. Funny Unicorn Tattoo Color Idea

Funny Unicorn Tattoo Color Idea
Credit: Instagram

You should go for this wild and crazy unicorn if you’re a rainbow-obsessed individual. Anyone who appreciates art and splatters of color would be a good candidate for this unique tattoo.

Demonstrate that you have a generous and creative nature by nature. You should also know that it has a hidden meaning: you can get rid of bad vibes and energy by taking a calm, collected, and unique approach.

3. Giant Artwork Featuring a Rainbow Unicorn Tattoo

Rainbow Unicorn Tattoo Giant Art
Credit: Instagram

Anyone not afraid of bold concepts can get their hands on this vast and colorful tattoo. You should experiment with this ink if you tend to lean toward prints with a creative bent.

Wearing colors from the rainbow will indicate that you are a creator as well as someone who is constantly gathering positive energy. Demonstrate to the world that you are an upbeat and enjoyable person.

4. A Pair of Cheerful and Witty Unicorn Tattoos

Bright Funny Unicorn Tattoo Duo
Credit: Instagram

You should get this one if you enjoy having tattoos that are both attractive and amusing. Put it on your cheek, and don’t be embarrassed by its ridiculous appearance.

These two mythical creatures will teach you how to entice joy and happiness into your life! This amusing tattoo is the perfect way to let people know that you are an upbeat person who enjoys joking.

Did you know that “foal” refers to a baby unicorn?

5. Colorful Unicorn Tattoo Ink

Colorful Unicorn Tattoo Ink
Credit: Instagram

You may choose to add vibrant flowers to your tattoo to infuse it with a positive aura. You’ll like this distinctive design if you’re a fan of colors.

It is a massive tattoo, demonstrating your appreciation for fine art and attention to detail. If you have a powerful personality and enjoy drama, you will find that this piece is a good fit for you!

6. Tattoo of a Unicorn in Pink and Purple

Pink Purple Unicorn Tattoo
Credit: Instagram

If pink is your favorite hue, you will probably appreciate the bold pattern that we have here. People seeking art and more audible concepts that demand attention need to get their hands on this product.

This tattoo will let the world know you are a lively and cheerful girl or person. You will give the impression of being an upbeat and self-assured person who can take pleasure in the beauty and amusement around you.

7. Gorgeous & Mystical Unicorn Tattoo

Gorgeous Mystical Unicorn Tattoo
Credit: Instagram

This poster will appeal to you if you prefer unconventional color combinations and mashups. It is loud and distinct, standing out from the things typically found in others.

Display this beauty, and do justice to the mysterious side it possesses. If you like unicorns, you’ll like it; however, some designs have a Viking or tribal feel to them.

8. Bright Green Acid Unicorn Tattoo

Bright Green Acid Unicorn Tattoo
Credit: Instagram

You will probably enjoy this obnoxious unicorn if you enjoy acid trips and unique designs. It is not like a regular tattoo at all, and it is something you will like if you like tattoos that draw attention to themselves.

This unicorn will show that most of the time, you have a happy and quirky attitude. You are probably also aware of how to become a show star, and you don’t mind the attention or the looks directed in your direction.

9. A Colorful Rainbow and a Unicorn Tattoo

Colorful Rainbow Unicorn Tattoo Print
Credit: Instagram

This unicorn will appeal to women who are naturally drawn to creating prints and enjoy having lovely tattoos on their bodies. Who could say no to something so flashy and forceful as well as having components that are so distinctive and elegant?

This vibrant unicorn represents the fact that you are always on the lookout for beauty and endeavor to find the most dynamic aspects of other people. This tattoo will show the world that you are gorgeous and sophisticated if you know how to find them.

Have you ever heard the urban legend that if you touch a pure white unicorn, you will be happy for the rest of your life?

10. Tattoo of a Funny and Classic Video Game Unicorn

Funny Retro Gaming Unicorn Tattoo
Credit: Instagram

Finally, but certainly not least, what do you think of this incredible and adorable tiny unicorn? Most young women, particularly those interested in detailed art, will be drawn to this tattoo since it is cute.

This magical unicorn is ideal for young ladies who enjoy playing games, including video games. With this print, you can look sophisticated and show how good you are at gaming at the same time.

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Which of the many adorable unicorns was your top pick, and which one do you think was the cutest? Tell us if you have a soft spot for animals and whether or not you’re a fan of unicorns. It shouldn’t be hard for either men or women to locate the right tattoo for them in this post; just make sure to personalize it according to your preferences and aesthetic.

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