Tattoo Cracking: How to Prevent, Fix, and Care for Tattoo Cracking

tattoo cracking

You just received a new tattoo, and everything seems to be going great. But one day, you notice your tattoo is cracking and drying out, and you are terrified.Chances are, you Googled the issue, and it led you right here. If this is you, you’re in the proper location.

Tattoo breaking is perfectly ordinary and quite usual for fresh ink. Even though it could be an unsettling event at first, you’ll learn that tattoo cracking can be avoided and addressed in the following paragraphs.

So, we’ll dive into the subject of tattoo cracking, why it occurs, how you can cure it, and most importantly, how you can avoid it in the first place. Without further ado, let’s get started!

Tattoo Cracking: Everything You Need To Know

Why Doesn’t Tattoo Cracking Occur?

Like nearly anything internationally, tattoo cracking develops because of various contributing variables. So, to comprehend its occurrence, we need to understand the reasons for the cracking. Here are the most prevalent reasons tattoo cracking happens:

  • The skin is drying out, or your skin usually is dry — this is one of the most common reasons tattoos break. Either your skin is naturally dry, which implies your regular water consumption does not match the suggested quantity of a minimum of 8 glasses of water per day. Or your tattooed skin isn’t adequately hydrated. Hydration and moisturizing of a tattoo are vital throughout the aftercare; that encourages appropriate healing and guarantees the tattoo doesn’t split.
  • Formation of scabs during healing — when the tattoo heals, it will start rising and developing scabs. Now, scabs don’t have to be a serious concern as they usually dry out and fall off on their own. However, with a lack of hydration and moisturizing, the scabs can become severe and thicker than usual, which adds to the cracking of the scabs and, as a result, the cracking of the tattoo.
  • Infection or allergic response – although rare, tattoo infection or allergic reaction to tattoo ink can cause tattoo cracking. This signifies that bacteria or germs have penetrated the tattoo, which is, at the beginning, considered to be an open wound. This needs prompt medical care and correct therapy to prevent more tattoo damage and health risks.
  • If you’re washing your dried tattoo with warm water, that’s a big no – no. By cleaning a dry tattoo with warm water, you’re taking away all the moisture from the skin. This will increase dryness and permit the tattoo to break, especially if you don’t use lotion or ointment afterward.

Do not be startled by the appearance of scabs on the tattoo. This is a typical occurrence as the tattoo is an open wound that needs to heal. One of the aspects of the healing process is the regeneration of the injured skin, which can only mend by establishing a protective barrier, which is, in this case, scabs.

Now, the scabs will typically crack. However, if you do not moisturize the skin, the scabs will develop more extensive and thicker, which will lead to the breaking of the tattoo. So, be sure to keep your tattoo wet and fed, and if the scabs start oozing or causing pain or discomfort, seek medical treatment.

How Can I Treat Tattoo Cracking?

If your tattoo is breaking, you may do a few things as an emergency reaction. For example;

  • Examine your tattoo to determine whether it is simply dry or diseased!

Sometimes, self-diagnosis might go wrong rapidly, but you need to study your tattoo before you do anything to treat the cracking. Now, if the tattoo is cracking and dry, or has light scabbing, then you’re set to leave. However, if the tattoo cracking is followed by thicker, bleeding scabs, discomfort, irritation, or swelling, then you’re dealing with a tattoo infection. All you can do is seek medical treatment and the right medicine in such a circumstance.

  • Increase your efforts to keep yourself and your skin moisturized!

Now, if you’re not dealing with an illness, odds are you’re dealing with skin dehydration. This means you’ll have to boost up your skin hydration. You may achieve this by starting to moisturize your tattoo twice a day and once after taking a shower. The finest moisturizers for this occasion would be the ones that are soothing, fragrance-free, organic, vegan, and based on either shea or cocoa butter.

Also, be sure to keep yourself hydrated overall. Take in a minimum of 8 glasses of water every day, and consume various fruits to keep yourself hydrated. This will make your skin nourished, not to mention more durable and more muscular in the tattoo healing process.

  • Please do not touch the scabs, and don’t even think of peeling them off!

If you assume that your tattoo will be smooth and lustrous by eliminating the scabs, you’re mistaken. By violently removing scabs, you might inflict more harm than benefit. First of all, you can introduce additional germs from your fingernails, producing an illness. Then, you can permit severe tattoo cracking by eliminating the skin’s protective barrier, which is the scabs.

  • Do not shower with hot water!

As we noted, showering with hot or warm water can dry the skin and rob it of its natural oils. As a consequence, your tattoo might start breaking, and it’s not a pleasant picture. To prevent it, be sure to shower with lukewarm water. After the shower, do not forget to apply a thin layer of moisturizer to hydrate and nourish the skin.

How Can I Prevent Tattoo Cracking?

It is critical to avoid tattoo breaking.Here are some ideas and tactics you may use to help your tattoo heal smoothly. crack-free;

  • Prior to your tattoo appointment, make sure your skin is properly cared for. Make sure it is thoroughly moisturized, shaven, and hydrated. You will boost your skin’s moisture by following the recommended daily water consumption and keeping nutritious and healthy meals.
  • Follow the correct aftercare procedure prescribed by your tattoo artist. By doing this, you’ll reduce any tattoo healing concerns, including cracking and extensive scabbing. Some of the requirements for tattoo aftercare include thorough cleaning of the tattoo, moisturizing, and abstaining from rubbing, scratching, or peeling the tattoo.
  • Keep your tattoo appropriately hydrated.  You’ll accomplish this by placing a tiny layer of fragrance-free lotion or ointment on the tattoo twice a day. You may add a layer of cream after a shower to help the skin rehydrate faster. This will avoid cracking heavy scabbing and possibly lessen itching and pain. However, use caution not to over-moisturize the tattoo, as it can also lead to infection and skin outbreaks.

Tattoo Cracking FAQ

Why Is My Tattoo Cracking and Bleeding Simultaneously?

There are various reasons why your tattoo’s breaking is accompanied by blood. First of all, blood may develop if your skin is dehydrated. In such circumstances, the scabs might strain the already injured skin, leading them to shatter, open the healing skin and cause bleeding.

Scabs operate as a protective barrier over the healing skin. Therefore, they can cause bleeding when they rupture.

Infection of the tattoo might potentially be why it’s breaking and bleeding. However, the condition is also accompanied by swelling, itching, discomfort, redness, skin irritation, etc.

When Should Tattoo Cracking Worry Me?

If your tattoo is splitting, bleeding, leaking, swelling, and rashing, you should be alarmed because you’re dealing with an infection or an allergic reaction. Either way, you should seek medical attention, a correct diagnosis, and treatment. If not, you’re risking significant health complications.

Other than this circumstance, tattoo breaking shouldn’t bother you. Just keep your tattoo moisturized and your body hydrated. If the cracking doesn’t resolve, talk to your tattoo artist about a possible cure.

Why Is My Old Tattoo Cracking?

The only time a tattoo cracks is while it’s still new and healing; thus, it is pretty unusual for an existing tattoo to start cracking. The only reason for such an event is extensive sun exposure of the tattoo. If you don’t protect your tattoo by applying sunscreen, chances are it will start to fade and age faster, which is expressed via the breaking of the inked skin. To avoid this, make sure to wear sunscreen every time your tattoo is exposed to UV rays.

Final Thoughts

Tattoo cracking is an utterly typical event during the tattoo healing process. The cracking nearly exclusively happens in fresh tattoos. Therefore, previous tattoos cannot be hacked. Moreover, it is very rapidly cured and even more readily avoided. However, if the cracking is accompanied by bleeding, leaking, swelling, discomfort, and other indicators of infection or allergic reaction, it is time to consult a doctor. Other than that, you should be OK; keep on hydrating your tattoo.

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