99+ Best Oni Mask Tattoo Design Ideas (2022 Updated)

oni mask tattoo design ideas

Have you ever encountered the Oni mask concept in your travels? Have you ever given it any thought as a potential design for a tattoo? In this piece, we will spend a lot of time discussing various tattoo concepts. We will also explain to you the meaning of the Omni mask while highlighting its profound and genuine spiritual component. Keep reading and think about your choices in the next paragraphs. There are thirty of them for you to think about.

What Does Getting an Oni Mask Tattoo Mean?

Those who believe in the existence of both good and evil energies, as well as a variety of abilities that are all around us, frequently choose to have a tattoo of an oni mask because it is a traditional part of Japanese culture. Those who have faith in the spiritual world are certain of their safety when they wear this mask.
Some people believe that the mask is a symbol of protection from the devil, who can punish you or haunt you anywhere in the world and at any time. This is why some individuals choose to wear masks. This tattoo and its profound significance will appeal to you if you are someone who has a strong spiritual side.

10 Oni Mask Tattoos For Guys

1. Oni Mask Tattoo Designs

Oni Mask Tattoo Designs

If you are someone who adores chest tattoos and someone who wants to distinguish themselves with frightening yet macho thoughts, then you will go for this particular design. It is superb, in addition to being exact and elegant.
This print shouts and stands for your cool presence and dominance wherever you go. It also stands for your cool presence and dominance. You are the type of person who will appreciate this art if you are someone who knows how to approach diverse facets of beauty in their own unique way.

2. Samurai Oni Mask Tattoo

Samurai Oni Mask Tattoo

This beauty will appeal to males who adore having ideas tattooed on their shoulders or arms. Similar Oni prints are perfect for you if you don’t have a fear of needles, want to experiment with a new tattoo design, and aren’t scared to get a little blood on your skin.
It will help you with any negative thoughts or negativity in general that you may be experiencing or going through. It will benefit you if you are experiencing or going through either of these things.

3. Samurai Oni Mask Tattoo Over Chest

Samurai Oni Mask Tattoo Over Chest

Black tattoos and this shading style are for anyone who values an original technique and an intriguing concept. This poster will be perfect for you if you are a fan of chest concepts and have a masculine chest.
It shows all the good and bad things you’ve seen and done in your life, as well as the problems you’ve solved and the people you’ve learned not to trust or hang out with.
Fun fact:  Oni masks are a lot of fun because they can be any color you want!

4. Giant Red Geisha Oni Mask Tattoo

Giant Red Geisha Oni Mask Tattoo

You will absolutely adore this pattern if red is your most beloved hue. The color red is associated with both power and passion. It symbolizes your authentic, show-stopping, forceful, and determined personality.
Those who have faith in the supernatural realm are afforded a measure of protection by donning an oni mask. Do you count yourself as one of those as well?

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5. Oni Mask Tattoo Sleeve Red Design

Oni Mask Tattoo Sleeve Red Design

Oni tattoos symbolize the devil’s power to exact retribution for any nefarious or unfair deed. With this sleeve idea, you can show that you are a strong man while also embracing the meaning of the phrase.
This tattoo will shield you from harm and represent your fearless personality and the journey of life that lies in front of or behind you.

6. Traditional Concept of the Oni Mask Tattoo

Oni Mask Tattoo Traditional Idea

Those bold enough to stand out from the crowd should wear this magnificent and macho design. Before you get this tattoo, you need to make sure you have both the necessary funds and the necessary amount of patience.
This pattern will shield you from the evil effects of karma and the negative influence of those in your immediate vicinity. Black ink is a potent choice.
Did you know that people used to wear them at theaters back in the day?

7. Oni Japanese Mask Tattoo Over Back

Oni Japanese Mask Tattoo Over Back

Large tattoos on the back typically look amazing on physically fit men with chiseled shoulders and backs that stick out. The color combination of blue and white is another typical one; therefore, there is no reason to depart from it.
Anyone interested in Japanese or Chinese culture would be a good candidate for this tattoo. The fact that you took the time and effort to get this tattoo demonstrates your bravery and protective nature.

8. Oni Mask Tattoo Artwork Concept for the Thigh

Oni Mask Tattoo Design Thigh Idea

Tattoos on the thighs or legs are not as common among men as in women. Nevertheless, do you consider yourself unique and interested in being noticed? This item has the potential to be a fantastic conversation starter when you’re at the beach.
Wearing this Oni mask communicates to others that you have faith in a higher power. If you think evil spirits are close by and want to protect yourself from their power, you might want to add this pattern to the area over your thighs.

9. Oni Mask Tattoo Done in Black Ink on the Thigh

Black Ink Thigh Tattoo Oni Mask

Find an incredible tattoo artist that is experienced in creating tattoos that seem like masks and ask them to execute the work for you. The majority of people may find this difficult.
Your determination and perseverance are shown by the size of the leg tattoo you get. This is the perfect image to use if you want to give the impression that you are taking all precautions to defend yourself against evil influences.
Fun fact: It’s interesting to know that Hannya and Oni are the most typical types of Japanese masks.

10. Oni Mask Tattoo Hand Palm Idea

Oni Mask Tattoo Hand Palm Idea

How about a terrifying tattoo on your palm or arm? Someone who can pull off something as daring and vivid as this is not everyone. Try this one if you want to stand out from the crowd and your job allows you to dress in a noticeable and eye-catching way.
It is a tattoo that celebrates power and demonstrates a macho and energizing personality trait on your part. By getting this tattoo, you will also protect yourself from any bad signs that might come your way.

10 Colorful Oni Mask Tattoos

1. Oni Mask Sleeve Design Inspiration for a Colorful Tattoo

Oni Mask Tattoo Sleeve Colorful Idea

Only those who are courageous enough and crazy enough to obtain them should have tattoos that cover their entire sleeve. Do you want to differentiate yourself from the crowd?
The world will be able to see your vivid personality and the part of you that has that cheery variety thanks to this piece of colorful jewelry. You will show that you are also protecting yourself from bad people and the many different people in your life.

2. Scary Oni Mask Japanese Tattoo

Scary Oni Mask Japanese Tattoo

Not every tattoo has the potential to seem that wild and spectacular. If you like things different from what other people have thought of before, this Oni mask is for you.
It demonstrates that you are a creative spirit who is well-versed in the world’s ways. You will give off the impression of someone who is continually trying to improve themselves. Does any of this ring true for you?

3. Blue Oni An Hannya Mask Tattoo

Blue Oni An Hannya Mask Tattoo

Do you enjoy spectacular designs and prints that really steal the show? Do you want to always draw attention to yourself with your tattoo? This picture is for you if you enjoy the attention and excitement of being famous.
Blue is the color of fresh starts and promising new beginnings. If you wear this Oni print consistently, you will attract prosperity and good fortune into your life.
Did you know that the Oni is a symbol of good fortune?

4. Small Blue Oni Mask Tattoo Simple

Small Blue Oni Mask Tattoo Simple

People who want to get their ink done more swiftly and easily opt for smaller tattoos. Consider using this faultless design if you want to stick to pop or color and attempt to be noticed without being overwhelmed by your Oni.
If you implement this approach, you can defend yourself from adversaries and keep away from negative energy. It is wonderful for everyone who strives for perfection in addition to providing security!

5. Red Oni Mask Tattoo Drawing

Red Oni Mask Tattoo Drawing

Those not afraid to experiment with color might consider getting a red forearm tattoo. Do you consider yourself to be one of those guys that is constantly the focus of attention? A majority of individuals aspire to have comparable beauty!
The color red is associated with vigor and the beginning of a dynamic new life. This is the ultimate evil-fighting tattoo, so get it only if you’re willing to walk away from your faith and steer clear of any and all sources of evil.

6. Arm Traditional Oni Mask Tattoo

Arm Traditional Oni Mask Tattoo

This Oni mask is a great way to experiment with mixing black and red into a single look. It’s perfect for men and women because it’s artful, cute, and playful.
This component will serve as a representation of your closed-off and resigned personality. Stick to this approach if you don’t want or need the public to know all the layers that make up your personality.
Fun fact: An interesting tidbit is that oni masks are typically dyed red.

7. Chest Oni Mask Blue Traditional Tattoo

Chest Oni Mask Blue Traditional Tattoo

Those individuals who are always attempting to show off their proud bodies are the ones who should have chest ink and dramatic chest tattoos. You must wait anywhere from five to eight hours before beginning the tattooing process.
This color scheme will convey the tumultuous nature of your personality. Doesn’t this Oni mask also make you feel protected from all the evil in the world?

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8. Leg Japanese Oni Mask Tattoo

Leg Japanese Oni Mask Tattoo

What do you think about getting this tattoo on your leg? The contrast of yellow ink with black ink creates a striking, unique, and exciting contrast. Before committing to something, make sure that you still have your creative side and know how to rock it.
The color yellow represents gold and its purity. If you have an Oni tattoo or one that looks close to it, you will be protected from anything forbidden in Islam, and you will be able to live in peace for the rest of your life.

9. Geisha Oni Mask Tattoo Idea

Geisha Oni Mask Tattoo Idea

Those who know how to appreciate a wide range of tattoo styles will appreciate this Oni mask design. Invest in this print if you are someone who takes pride in both their presence and their side (emotional and physical presence).
It is a sign of everlasting life while maintaining one’s own integrity. Do you not think that we are constantly waging war against some of our own inner demons?
Did you know that the festival season is when these masks make the greatest sales and are in the highest demand?

10. Scary Oni Mask Tattoo Done in Red

Red Scary Oni Mask Tattoo

Do you find it easy to get frightened? If not, you will have a lot of fun portraying this image. The best people to get this Oni tattoo are those who are sure of their ability to show the world who they really are.
“Black and red” is a color combination that is frequently used. This Oni is a great choice for you if you are a fan of scary movies and value the fact that there is a humorous backstory associated with the design of your tattoo.

10 Black Oni Mask Tattoos

1. Oni Mask Tattoo Black And Grey

Oni Mask Tattoo Black And Grey

Your Oni mask will look fantastic when accessorized with some chains. If you have an unknown aspect of your personality and enjoy getting spooky tattoos, why not give this one a shot?
It will demonstrate to the public that you are always on the lookout for vengeance and that you are honest. If you’ve lived a life full of unfortunate or terrifying experiences, you can personalize this graphic to reflect that in your unique way.

2. Black Oni Mask Tattoo Print

Black Oni Mask Tattoo Print

This forearm piece is perfect for physique-conscious men who are confident in their ability to display their tattoos. Because getting a tattoo is not easy, you should schedule an appointment with the most skilled tattoo artist in your city.
The image will represent your genuine ambitions, the trip, and the way you are willing to take it to achieve your goals. You should be careful to protect yourself from evil spirits and bad energy while expressing this ink and perfecting it with this real red-devil shade.

3. Split Face Oni Mask Tattoo Print

Split Face Oni Mask Tattoo Print

How about a face with a split down the middle? It is up to you to decide whether or not to get this Oni mask tattoo, because not everyone will understand the design.
It is a sign of your personality and life’s phases. You will want this Oni mask if you are always trying to settle a conflict between two different parts of yourself.
It’s interesting to know that a Tengu mask, representing a monster living in the mountains and guarding them, is another popular option.

4. Forearm Oni Mask Tattoo Black Idea

Forearm Oni Mask Tattoo Black Idea

This straightforward ink is perfect for gentlemen nervous about getting tattooed, both the procedure and the needle itself. Creating an Oni mask doesn’t have to be a difficult or time-consuming task; just look at this stunning example!
It demonstrates that you keep a low profile and are motivated to do things your way. This straightforward method will appeal to everyone who is strongly committed to uncovering the truth and standing up for what is just at all times.

5. Leg Oni Mask Traditional Tattoo

Leg Oni Mask Traditional Tattoo

Put on this Oni mask, which is black and should cover your legs. Think about getting into this art if you are looking for something cool to do that won’t be too taxing on your body.
It is a representation of your genuine colors as well as your determination to ward off negative energy. You will look like someone who always knows what is right and goes through life with a high level of excellence.

6. Chest Oni Half Mask Tattoo

Chest Oni Half Mask Tattoo

Do you like having tattoos on your chest? Do you like things that are black and dark, such as black prints and black designs? This tattoo should be placed over the chest of any guy who works out regularly and takes pride in his macho presence.
You might also obtain a snake print and mix it with your Oni mask. If you like exceptional concepts, this one will represent your personality well. Snakes can shield you from negative energies as well as poor omens.
Did you know these masks are extremely difficult and expensive to buy in stores?

7. Thigh Oni Mask Tattoo For Men

Thigh Oni Mask Tattoo For Men

Those that take pride in their strong, macho bodies might consider getting this tattoo on their thighs and legs. You will have a blast rocking and proudly showing off this print at the beach or pool because it will surely wow and steal the show everywhere you go. It is an expensive design that is something that will appeal most to people who are perfectionists.
Black is a hue that exudes sophistication. You will appear to be a spiritual person as well as someone who can distinguish between good and evil. Everyone will view you as a combatant willing to stand up for what they believe to be the correct and appropriate moves.

8. Detailed Oni Mask Tattoo Over Leg

Detailed Oni Mask Tattoo Over Leg

Black ink patterns and tattoos are timeless in their elegance and do not require much maintenance. You will like it if you are looking for a remarkable tattoo and will find it enjoyable.
This image represents your captivating persona, and it was created with prints that are simple yet exciting. Have fun showing off your tattoo to other people, and let its stunning appearance do the talking for you.

9. Simple Oni Mask Tattoo Outlines

Simple Oni Mask Tattoo Outlines

This tattoo looks great on the foot or leg of somebody who enjoys sharing their experiences at any time and in any setting. Put on this Oni mask to give the impression that you are a genuine tattoo enthusiast.
This pattern is meant to depict the disorder that exists within you. It is a stunning tattoo that will reveal exactly who you are to the world. Would you agree that we all have certain things holding us back?
Fan fact: Most of these masks originate in stories, traditional dances, or the Noh theater.

10. Half Oni Mask Tattoo Outline Idea

Half Oni Mask Tattoo Outline Idea

Last but not least, what do you think of this creative and unique design for your forearm? You are going to have a great time flaunting this tattoo to everyone. If you think this pattern is one of a kind, you should wear it and show it as soon as possible.
If you see black lines, it indicates that your reality is straightforward but riddled with hidden passages. In a straightforward and modestly sized tattoo, you will let everyone see the real you for the first time.

Omni Mask Tattoo: More FAQs

Omni Mask Tattoo More FAQs

Who Would Benefit Most from Getting an Omni Mask Tattoo?

Are you curious whether you would look nice with a tattoo of an Oni mask? A significant number of individuals are unsure as to how best to wear this design. Nevertheless, fortunately for you, this print is for everyone who desires a tattoo that is both one-of-a-kind and gorgeous. It is something that can be worn by either men or women. On the other hand, men are more likely than women to have this particular tattoo for reasons that aren’t quite clear. Would you agree that it could be because of the frightening appearance combined with the vivid and jarring colors?

Where Should You Get Your Omni Mask Tattoo If You Want It To Look Its Best?

Getting a tattoo of an Oni mask typically looks best when done in the traditional Japanese style on the forearm or thigh. As a result of the colors that can be employed in tattooing, many individuals want larger areas and larger body parts. If you want to be noticed, having a larger tattoo and displaying it on a visible part of your body, such as your calf or bicep, is a good way to do it.

Are Oni Mask Tattoos Painful?

Unfortunately, the procedure of getting a tattoo is not convenient or enjoyable. It can get pretty uncomfortable. This is owing to the blending of various colors and patterns, as well as the use of various techniques. Before getting this tattoo, you should make sure you have thick skin, both figuratively and practically.

What Kind of a Cost Are They?

They can run up quite a hefty bill. You should prepare yourself psychologically and financially for the procedure before starting. Expect to pay more than $400 for a single medium-sized tattoo because they are so distinctive and bright.

Which type of mask did you like the best, and why?

Which one of these designs for an Oni tattoo mask did you like the most out of all of these? If you have the guts to flaunt identical tattoos, this is a fantastic idea that works equally well for men and women. Tell us which of these top 30 well-done tattoos is your favorite, because we are very interested in knowing where you stand in terms of the originality and vibrancy of this artwork.

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