40+ Unique Name Cover Up Tattoo Designs (2022 Updated)

name cover up tattoo ideas

It is the perfect notion to consecrate your love for someone by getting their name permanently tattooed on your flesh when you are head over heels in love with them and have committed to them. It doesn’t matter how romantic something may seem at the time; if you end up breaking up, it will inevitably be a little bit terrible.

If you are currently reading this post, it is likely that you are currently experiencing this unfavorable circumstance. On the other hand, you may look at this as an opportunity to purchase a new piece of body art that will undoubtedly be a better fit for you.

Maybe you just broke up with your ex, and the fact that you have their name tattooed on your body is making you feel depressed. Or perhaps it has been some time since you two went your separate ways. However, you are holding off on dealing with the unlucky ink until you are in an ideal position. In either case, there is no reason for you to be concerned. There are different ways to treat and cover up a name that is permanently written on your skin.

In this post, we will walk you through the various possibilities for tattoo removal and give you plenty of suggestions on how to get creative in covering over your ex’s name with an entirely new tattoo that is striking and beautiful.

Is It Possible To Cover Up A Name Tattoo?

In the same way, a relationship doesn’t have to last forever, and neither do name tattoos. The good news is that, similar to other types of tattoos, name tattoos can be covered with an entirely new design. In most cases, a tattoo artist will create a new design by following the lines and marks in the name tattoo. This serves as a guide for the new design.

In most cases, getting some laser removal surgery done on the tattoo to begin the fading process is the first step in getting a cover-up tattoo. After the tattoo has been sufficiently lightened and the lines have become very faint, the tattoo can be removed. The numerous scribbles and squiggles can be utilized to produce brand-new works of art.

It is unnecessary to go into removal treatments with a clear plan for the cover-up tattoo you intend to obtain after the tattoo is removed. After the name has faded, you and your tattoo artist can work together to create something new that will fit perfectly with the lines and shapes you already have. There are a lot of tattoo artists who are exceptionally skilled in this area. They can think of many different options for brand-new pieces of artwork. In fact, it presents artists with a unique opportunity for creative expression, and most artists jump at the chance to work on cover-ups.

The amount of necessary fading will be determined by the type of ink you choose. If the black lines are bold and thick, you might require more laser removal surgery to have the tattoo faded to the point where you can work on it. If the ink in your tattoo is very light and the lines are very thin, you may not need to wait long before you are ready for a cover-up session.

Tattoos made with black ink are typically slightly easier to remove than those made with colored ink. Lasers, on the other hand, can eliminate every color in the spectrum. This implies that even if yours is multicolored, you won’t need to worry about finding a cover-up because you’ll still be able to acquire one.

How Much Does It Cost to Get a Cover-Up Tattoo Done for a Name?

A tattoo cover-up will cost a different amount of money depending on the number of fading sessions required, the size of the cover-up, and whether you want black ink or colored ink for the cover-up.

For example, a small design on one finger that is only black and white will be much cheaper than a huge cover-up that goes all the way down your back and comes in many different colors.

The price will also be determined by the tattoo artist you choose, with more experienced and proficient artists likely commanding a higher fee than less experienced ones. On the other hand, hiring a well-known artist will be worth it in the long run because the finished product will be much more pleasing to look at.

Are You Prepared to Put on That Cover Up?

If you’ve decided to erase the name of the former partner of your tattoo and replace it with a new one, you’ve come to the correct place. The following is a list of advice to help you get the most out of your experience getting a cover-up tattoo.

Top Tips for a Name Cover Up

Go Bold

Go Bold 2
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You need to be willing to acquire a tattoo that is daring and often at least a little bit complicated if you want to cover up an existing one. In this manner, it will effectively conceal the tattoo underneath it.

For instance, you won’t be able to have a straight-line tattoo because one like that just won’t cut it for the task. In most cases, the more intricate a tattoo is, the better job it will do covering the name underneath it. To achieve this effect, you need to use a lot of shading, dark and deep colors, and details.

If you want to have colors other than black in your palette, choose dark colors like dark green, deep purple, and blue.A fish, with all of its iridescent scales, or a black panther, with lots of its intricately patterned fur, would both be fantastic choices.

On the other hand, covering up a name tattoo with fair colors, such as pink or yellow, is unlikely to be successful, especially if the name is printed in black ink. Fair colors include

Go Big

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You should also keep in mind that the size of your new tattoo design ought to be larger than the one you currently have. If you don’t cover it up, people could still be able to see your name tattoo, which is obviously not what you want.

This indicates that you will need to be ready to go big and get something more attention-grabbing than the name tattoo you already have.

Combining with the Process of Removal

As indicated before, getting some removal sessions under your belt before getting a cover-up tattoo will help you get the best possible outcomes. Because of this, it will be much simpler for a tattoo artist to reuse the lines and shapes already present in the tattoo.

However, this isn’t something that is required in every situation. Let’s say the color of your existing name tattoo is light or that it has faded over time. In that scenario, you are free to move straight on to the cover-up.

Make an appointment with a tattoo artist so that you can find out whether or not you will need to go through some tattoo removal sessions before you can get your cover up.

Name Cover up Tattoo Inspiration Ideas

Now that you have an idea of the tattoo dimensions you’ll require, it’s time to start considering the type of design you want to obtain. You can find a wealth of ideas and illustrations of successful name-cover-up tattoos further down in this article.

Feather Cover Up Tattoos

Feather Cover Up Tattoos 4
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Because of the design of the plumage, feathers are a very popular choice for covering up tattoos. This is because the shape of the feathers is ideal for covering a very small amount of text. This is because it can readily assume the same form. Because of the density of the feather vane, it is also possible to use shading or color blocking, both of which help hide the words that are underneath.

Because feathers are a powerful symbol of strength and resilience, you may use them as a meaningful reminder to help you get over your ex and find the strength to move on. One of the wonderful things about feathers is that they represent strength and resilience. Suppose you went to the extreme of tattooing a person’s name on your body. In that case, it indicates that the relationship was important to you and must have been difficult to stop. A feather might serve as a visual reminder of the personal courage that got you through such a challenging moment.

There are a lot of compelling arguments in favor of getting a feather tattoo. If it is something that you find lovely, then the fact that it can also be used as a cover-up is just an added benefit!

Flower Cover Up Tattoos

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Flower Cover Up Tattoos 1
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Getting a tattoo of a flower or multiple flowers is yet another wonderful choice for covering up an existing tattoo. This is because, similar to feathers, the petals have sufficient density to successfully cover any writing that may already be there. You may also have a lot of shading on the petals or even use dark colors to ensure that no portion of the old name tattoo is visible when the new one is done.

Go for a flower design for your cover-up tattoo. You will find an incredible variety of flowers from which to select. If you choose a rose as your symbol, it will be associated with feelings of love and passion. This might be a meaningful symbol of moving on from a previous romantic relationship and putting the past behind you.

Minimalist Cover Up Tattoos

Minimalist Cover Up Tattoos 3
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Minimalist Cover Up Tattoos 2
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Minimalist Cover Up Tattoos 1
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Minimalist tattoos are all the rage right now. Getting a tattoo with a simple design is all the rage right now. Let’s say you have a delicate and detailed name tattoo on your body. If this is the case, you might get away with a straightforward and uncluttered design. Consider this alternative if you are not one to have large, elaborate tattoos in a variety of colors. The fact that you will most likely need black blocking in certain locations to cover up the existing name tattoo shouldn’t impact the minimalist design.

Color Cover Up Tattoos

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Color Cover Up Tattoos 3
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Color Cover Up Tattoos 2
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Color Cover Up Tattoos 1
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Choose to include some color in the design of your cover-up tattoo if you want it to be particularly eye-catching. Dark colors, such as green, blue, purple, and even red, are excellent for covering up faded letters and entirely disguising the name tattoo that was previously there. These colors all work well together.

The adage “go big or go home” rings especially true when obtaining a cover-up tattoo. Why not go out and get something daring, loud, and colorful if you want to forget your ex and celebrate new beginnings with fresh ink? This is the perfect way to do both.

Animal Cover Up Tattoos

Animal Cover Up Tattoos 4
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Animal Cover Up Tattoos 3
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Animal Cover Up Tattoos 2
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Animal Cover Up Tattoos 1
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Many people decide to cover up their exes’ names with an animal tattoo instead. This is because it is often big enough to cover the whole tattoo and has enough details to hide the lettering that was there before.

It’s possible that your chosen animal also has a specific symbolic meaning; however, that depends on the animal. In the aftermath of a challenging breakup, it may be helpful to remember that certain animals, such as a lion, symbolize positive emotions, such as pride and victory.

Bird Cover Up Tattoos

Bird Cover Up Tattoos 3
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Bird Cover Up Tattoos 2
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Bird Cover Up Tattoos 1
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Your original name tattoo will be completely concealed by the new artwork if you get a cover-up tattoo in the shape of a bird, because the wing span of a bird covers a significant portion of the body. The independence that comes with being newly single makes birds an excellent option for a pet. This new tattoo may symbolize striking out and making a clean slate for yourself.

Wing Cover Up Tattoos

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If purchasing an entire bird does not appeal to you, consider purchasing a single wing or a pair of wings instead. Wings, like feathers and birds, make excellent choices for tattoo cover-ups since they can easily cover the breadth of the previous tattoo and are the ideal shape to cover text. This makes them comparable to feathers and birds in this regard. Once the wing is finished, your prior name tattoo will be completely hidden as long as there is sufficient shade and plumage to cover it.

You can get a colored wing if you want something that stands out particularly well. If you want to cover up a name tattoo, you can use dark colors like blue or purple, or even something that looks like the shiny feathers of a peacock, just as well as black.

If you have a wing cover up tattoo, you can choose to have it done in black and white, on a large or small scale, and you can be assured that you won’t lack for praise.

Butterfly Cover Up Tattoos

Butterfly Cover Up Tattoos 4
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Although butterfly tattoos are more commonly seen on women, many males choose to ink themselves with the delicate design as well. Butterflies are ideal for covering tattoos for many of the same reasons as birds; their feathers and wings are useful for this purpose. Butterflies can be large enough and dense enough to cover up ink. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing and delicate, butterflies also have various connotations.

Let’s say you recently went through a split and are looking to start over with your life. Because it represents the transformation from a caterpillar into a beautiful winged insect, a butterfly is an excellent choice for a tattoo in this scenario. Caterpillars become butterflies. Imagine that you have just broken free of the suffocating confines of your despair. In this scenario, a butterfly could be ideal for a tattoo to symbolize your fresh start and a new beginning.

Another major advantage of getting a butterfly tattoo to cover over a name is that it can be done in various colors. Using darker hues is an effective method for covering up the older, less vibrant ink underneath. In addition to that, the aesthetic that it creates is daring and striking. 
If you go for a butterfly design for your tattoo, you can rest assured that your tattoo artist will be grateful to you. That’s because it’s an artistically satisfying design to finish, giving them a chance to show off their skills.

Your butterfly tattoo can look stunning regardless of its dimensions. Despite this, it is most effective when used to cover a name tattoo that is either small or medium in size. On the other hand, if your name tattoo is going to extend along the length of your forearm, a feather would be a better choice.

Change the Name

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Some individuals change the letters written to transform the name into something different or someone else entirely. While dating Winona Ryder, he got a tattoo that said “Winona Forever,” but he later changed it to “Wino Forever.”

Some people decide to adopt the surname of their current significant other. Still, if you want to err on the side of caution, you should go with the name of a person who is certain to remain a part of your life indefinitely. This could be a relative such as a brother, sister, or parent. There’s also the possibility of going with your favorite band or vocalist. Most of the time, this type of cover-up tattoo works, as long as the new letters fit in with the old ones.

Scenery Tattoo Cover Up

Scenery Tattoo Cover Up 2
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Lastly, a cover-up tattoo of a natural landscape, such as a forest or mountain range, is a good option. They give off an air of calm and serenity, which is an excellent feeling to pursue following the end of a romantic relationship. The easiest way to make this design work is to use a lot of black shading. This will ensure that the previous name tattoo is concealed.

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Various daring and stunning approaches can be used to cover an undesired name tattoo. Acquiring a one-of-a-kind object with significant symbolic meaning can also be of tremendous assistance in mending emotional wounds caused by a breakup. Getting a cover-up might be the ideal solution for people having trouble moving on from a previous relationship because it allows them to choose a new identity without being reminded of the past.

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