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Because new trends emerge daily, it can be challenging to keep up with them while still being current and connected. Almost every part of the global economy is affected by this, but the fields of cosmetics and body art are especially affected.

When it comes to body art in general, tattoos have and will continue to be fashionable. However, certain tattoo styles experience cycles of popularity every few years. Glow-in-the-dark tattoos, also referred to as UV tattoos, exemplify this type of tattoo style.

People in 2020 paid no attention whatsoever to this kind of tattoo because of the epidemic. Because there is nowhere to go (particularly at night), glow-in-the-dark tattoos no longer have the same significance they once had. This is because the whole planet is currently under lockdown.

People are beginning to think ahead, beyond constraints and towards freedom, due to the vaccinations and the partial reopenings of several countries and towns in 2021. UV tattoos are a sign of both nightlife and clubbing, making them popular among those who like these activities.

It is always essential to get informed and educated about anything before engaging in it, regardless of the cause that brought you here to read this essay, which might be anything at all, right? You have arrived at the right site if you are considering having a UV tattoo or are merely interested in learning more about this developing fashion trend.

We will discuss UV tattoos, how they function, and whether or not you should have one in the following paragraphs.

The Top 8 Facts You Should Learn About UV Tattoos

What Are UV Tattoos?

UV tattoos are tattoos done with a special ink that only becomes visible when exposed to ultraviolet light. These tattoos are also known as glow-in-the-dark tattoos or blacklight tattoos. On the other hand, depending on the type of ink used for the tattoos, they may be almost entirely invisible when exposed to regular light. This can be a big help for people who want to hide their tattoos for reasons related to their personal lives or their jobs.

Because of this, tattoos like this are typically well-liked among those who choose a less obvious approach to their body art.

On the other hand, because of the impact that UV tattoos have, they are trendy in the nightclub scene and the community of ravers. At clubs and events like these, attendees frequently dance in the UV light spectrum while the room is primarily darkened and only partially lit. As a result, tattoos sometimes come to life, and places like this look amazing.

What Are UV Tattoos
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How Are UV Tattoos Done?

UV tattoos are done much like conventional tattoos. However, on the other hand, the tattoo artist will utilize fluorescent pink pigment rather than regular black ink. This variety of ink is most frequently analogous to white ink. On the other hand, the ink has a somewhat thick viscosity and does not mix very well with the different colors.

Because of this, for the tattoo to look excellent, it has to be done by an experienced tattoo artist, just like any other tattoo. The tattoo artist will apply the ink to the skin with great care and will proceed to lay each color down one at a time. The tattoo artist must be very careful not to spread the ink, because when the ink is exposed to UV light, it will stay in that state and look smeared.

The remaining steps of getting a black or colored tattoo are often the same, regardless of whether the tattoo is black or colored.

In most cases, professional tattoo artists don’t do their own work regarding UV tattoos. They think that neon ink looks best when combined with a traditional black ink tattoo. On the other hand, if a customer is very private about their tattoo and requests that it only be seen when exposed to UV light, the tattoo artist will likely comply.

Are UV Tattoos or UV Ink Safe?

There are a few safety issues involving glow-in-the-dark tattoos, which is common knowledge.

First of all, neon ink (or any tattoo ink for that matter) is not approved by the FDA in the USA. This is because the pigment used in ink is not something that the FDA has typically controlled or given its approval for.

Although it is not the case, several neon ink companies claim that their product is FDA regulated and authorized. Therefore, if you intend to purchase such ink or if your tattoo artists have used it, remove yourself from the situation as quickly as possible.

Another problem is the components of neon inks, or, to be more specific, the lack of knowledge of the essential elements that are utilized in the production of the ink. It might be challenging to determine whether or not you are using a safe product because ink manufacturers maintain the component lists as a well-guarded secret (and there are no ingredient lists readily available to the general public).

Tattoo artists and people who are allergic to ink have an ardent time with this.

With allergies to ink, it has been reported that some people have had skin damage and reactions after having neon ink tattooed on them. The following were some of the complications:

  • Itching of the skin
  • Development of dermatitis
  • Irritation and burning of the skin
  • There are difficulties with tattoos if they are exposed to sunlight without protection.
  • Complications with tattoos can occur if they are exposed to highly perfumed or fragrant creams and lotions.

Note: Phosphorus, which is one of the known constituents of neon UV ink, is the element that causes UV tattoos to emit a glowing effect when exposed to ultraviolet light. There are serious worries that this component may cause cancer. However, further study is necessary before making a definitive judgment concerning the presence of phosphorus in UV ink.

Are UV Tattoos or UV Ink Safe
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Are UV Tattoos Really Invisible In Daylight?

Because UV tattoos are typically unnoticeable when exposed to natural light, they are popular among those who prefer to maintain a higher level of discretion regarding their body art. On the other hand, this assumption of invisibility is correct, at least partially.

For instance, fluorescent ink does not thoroughly blend into the background. It is clear, but because of the way it is formulated and its components, it will become visible on the skin during the first few months after the tattoo has been applied. This is especially true if the tattoo was completed in the same session as a traditional black-ink tattoo. If that is the case, it will most definitely be seen, particularly the faint tan lines.

However, once the tattoo has completely healed (sufficiently concealed and protected from the sun), it will become mainly undetectable to the human eye. This is because the tattoo will have faded significantly. Tan lines will eventually disappear, and unless they see you in intense UV light, no one will be able to tell that you have a cool tattoo until you specifically tell them.

How Much Do UV Tattoos Typically Cost?

Yes! It is common knowledge that ultraviolet tattoos cost substantially more than traditional tattoos. However, the total price of the tattoo is determined by several criteria, including the size of the tattoo, the design, the coloring, the length of time it takes to complete the process, and so on.

The amount of time and effort it takes to create your UV tattoo is one component that may be said to drive up the final price. UV tattoos require far more time to start than traditional ones, partly because of the increased difficulty in managing the ink.
Therefore, on the whole, you should plan to spend anywhere between $50 and $200 more for your UV tattoos than you would for a traditional tattoo, with the exact amount being determined by the tattoo artist’s hourly charge.

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How Long Do UV Tattoos Last?

There is no way to know how long any particular form of tattoo will last on your skin. The tattoo will last for a varying amount of time depending on your skin type, how it was done, and how well you take care of it afterward. But if everything is done right, most people can expect their tattoos to last a lifetime, even if the colors change slightly and the design changes slightly as the skin ages.

When it comes to UV tattoos, it is reasonable to anticipate that they will fade away much more quickly than traditional ones. Depending on how carefully you take care of your UV tattoo, it may last anywhere from five to eight years at its absolute best. However, it is common knowledge that UV tattoos will gradually fade after a certain amount of time has passed. This may be remedied with a few touch-ups, but keep in mind that the touch-ups alone may cost more than the original tattoo did.


Should You Get a UV Tattoo?

Having a tattoo is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for many individuals, and there is a steady rise in the number of people obtaining tattoos daily. Despite this, people who get tattoos might still face prejudice and misconceptions because of their body art.

Because of this, many people have difficulties either during job interviews or when actually doing their jobs. Most jobs require employees to hide their tattoos, especially those where they work directly with customers.

If you want to get a tattoo but don’t want to get into problems at work or with your conservative family, then having a tattoo that glows under ultraviolet light could be your best option. After it has completely healed, your UV tattoo will no longer be detectable by the naked eye, even though it will initially be somewhat noticeable. As a result, you shouldn’t worry about becoming sick at work unless your employer decides to start shining a UV light throughout the workplace.

However, before you go ahead and get a UV tattoo, you should first think about how much it may cost you and see if you can put some money aside to cover the expense. You should also consider the layout of the tattoo and the amount of time you spend in the sun’s ultraviolet rays. If you don’t have this light, your tattoo will just be resting there on your skin, and none of the attention will be drawn to it.

If you enjoy going out, clubbing, and experiencing the nightlife while maintaining a professional demeanor at work and while interacting with more traditional elements of society, then the UV tattoo is unquestionably for you.

Best UV Ink Brands To Have In Mind – For Tattooists and Clients

We indicated earlier that the FDA does not regulate or authorize any tattoo ink brand and that the vast majority of tattoo ink businesses do not make their product ingredients publicly available. Nevertheless, you should not let this scare you into believing that there is no harmless ink. Of course, you should get an ultraviolet tattoo, but if you want the most pleasing effects, keep the following brands in mind while you shop for one.

If you are a tattoo artist seeking unique brands of UV ink for your customers, or if you are a customer who wants to get tattooed with only high-quality ink, here are some recommendations:

  • This is one of the best UV tattoo inks available, and it is highly recommended by amateur and expert tattoo artists. Skin Candy Bloodline UV Tattoo Ink. It is an ink visible under a blacklight and was made with high-quality, non-hazardous components. Even though it has not been reviewed by the FDA, the ink is typically safe and heals well, even on various skin types. If you are a tattoo artist searching for high-quality ink, you should choose this one without a doubt. However, be aware that to avoid the ink from being clogged up, you will need to shake the bottle of ink frequently.
  • Another fantastic brand of UV tattoo ink available is Millennium Mom’s Nuclear UV Tattoo Ink. This ink was developed by Millennium Moms. In contrast to most people’s experience with UV ink, their UV ink has a shallow level of friction and is quite simple to manipulate. You will undoubtedly be noticed because the ink glows quite brightly when exposed to UV light. The deep tones also linger for a considerable amount of time following application. You may be sure that you are dealing with a dependable and high-quality product since this UV tattoo ink has been a tried-and-true choice among tattoo artists for years.
  • Light Responsive Kuro Sumi Tattoo Ink: Kuro Sumi is widely regarded as one of the finest tattoo ink manufacturers in the world. Professional tattoo artists worldwide utilize their ink because they are recognized for employing only all-natural, risk-free, and high-quality components. The light-responsive ink that they use is not technically considered UV ink; nonetheless, it does react to UV light sources by enhancing the brightness of the printed image. So, if you want an ink that doesn’t harm animals, is sensitive to light, is safe, and you can count on, you don’t need to look any further than Kuro Sumi.

Final Thoughts

There is no denying that getting UV tattoos is a great deal of fun. And they do cater to those interested in having fun but, at the same time, want their tattoos to be understated or even invisible during the day. Therefore, if you think this is something you would like to have, you should get a UV tattoo. I sincerely hope that the clubs will open very soon so that you will have the opportunity to flaunt your new tattoo and appreciate it in all of its splendor.

It goes without saying that we advise you to check that this choice won’t compromise your well-being before making it. Talk to a medical expert, a dermatologist, or even a professional tattoo artist if you have a skin response related to the tattooing process or believe that you could be sensitive to the ink used in tattoos.

Your wellbeing and safety should never take a back seat to anything! So even if you don’t get the tattoo, you can still have a good time!

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