99+ Best Snake Tattoo Designs And Meanings

Best Snake Tattoo Designs

Snakes are reptiles among the most proficient and agile predators on the planet. People don’t like snakes because they have lethal snake venom, kill people in disgusting ways, and are ruthless. But snakes are revered and praised by people in many different cultures and civilizations.

Snakes are revered for several reasons, including their ability to kill mercilessly. They are also regarded as magnificent, regal, and clever. They had a lot of symbolism because of their complex symbolism and beautiful looks, which we’ll look into more in this piece.

To find a snake tattoo, you must have thought about the actual significance of a snake tattoo is before starting your search. They can be found in various sizes and on a variety of different body regions, and they frequently signify a variety of distinct meanings.

As we go through this section, we’ll talk about what those symbols mean, as well as how they could help you make the perfect snake tattoo that you’ll love!

What Is The Meaning Behind The Snake Tattoo?

When a snake comes into your dream, it is said that your awareness is attempting to communicate with you, warning you to be on your guard and to be strong. However, the significance of snakes varies significantly from culture to culture. It is far more significant in some than in others. Various civilizations have associated snakes with good and bad intentions in multiple ways. Nonetheless, the good intentions won the day.

If you’re looking for a snake tattoo to embellish your legs, sides, arms, or back, the following things can be represented by one:


Snake Meaning
Image Source: BBC

One of the most potent symbolisms associated with snakes is that of power. Power does not have to have any negative connotations. Snakes play an important role in nature’s food chain, and many creatures, particularly rodents, dread them. Many snakes see other snakes as enemies to be afraid of each other.

To demonstrate that you have achieved success in your life, a snake tattoo is the most effective displaying this. Snakes may also represent individuals who have a firm and determined thinking and are enthusiastic about sports, the gym, exercising, and other sporting activities.


As you may be aware, some snakes are completely harmless, while others are poisonous, agile, and ferocious. They are ruthless when it comes to murdering their prey, and they are dreaded by a large number of animals, as well as humans. With that in mind, a rapid, agile, and poisonous snake may pose a serious threat to anybody unprepared and in the company of a large, hungry, or irritated snake, as seen in the video above.

As noted by the editor, the difference between venomous and non-venomous snakes should be understood. Non-venomous snakes are distinguished by having tiny, sharp teeth rather than fangs, which are the source of venom in venomous snakes. Furthermore, their color pattern may not be as noticeable as poisonous snakes.

On the other hand, Venomous snakes have huge fangs that they use to inject poison into their victims. Furthermore, they feature brightly colored patterns that are simple to distinguish. Non-venomous snakes, on the other hand, don’t pay much attention to patterns and instead focus on a single color.


Numerous animals, including those that have been resurrected from the ashes or spent a long time as larvae before becoming butterflies, are known to support the concepts of rebirth and metamorphosis, which are frequently depicted as tattoos.

Snakes go through a similar process at least once a year, depending on their size. They shed their skin, removing the dead skin and allowing the fresh and youthful skin to emerge beneath the surface. That can show how a person’s personality changes and grows after a bad experience in life.

Everyone passes through a terrible scenario at least once in their lives, whether it’s a medical condition, a breakup, losing a job, or the death of a loved one. They are forced to come out more potent each time due to the experience. The lost skin alludes to a possible meaning in such a scenario. It provides hope to individuals who have the tattoo that better days are on the horizon as long as they focus on improving themselves.

snake rebirth
Image Source: Hero Tattoo

The snake tattoo can also be seen as a sign of recovery. Even though snake venom can be dangerous, many medical institutions and alternative medicine groups are still exploring and testing it to develop new and better medicines in the future.

Snake venoms have been utilized in medicine for hundreds, if not thousands, of years, with most of them being associated with traditional Chinese medicine. The fact that less than 1% of snake venom has been sequenced and described for therapeutic purposes suggests that there may be many more hidden gems waiting to be discovered and used for medicinal purposes.


Snake stories appear insignificant in the Bible, notably in the old testament and especially in the story that has been told since the beginning of time. That is the story of Adam and Eve and the Apple of Eden. Disguised as a serpent, the devil persuaded Eve to eat the fruit that God forbade.

Since then, both apples and snakes have represented temptation on several occasions. Consider the following scenario: you believe you are prone to temptation regularly and would like to commemorate this fact with a tattoo. In this case, a snake would be an appropriate choice, especially when combined with the apple emblem.

Snakes are likewise associated with sin, according to similar symbology.


Some cultures have the notion that snakes are both protective and benevolent. According to certain legends, every home is home to a little green or white snake that may be found hiding in the porch, garden, or basement. Some family members recall seeing them, and then they vanish without a trace.

For those who believe in such things, a snake tattoo can signify the protection of your family as well as the safety of your loved ones. I think it’s a fantastic idea, especially if you’re interested in getting a massive tattoo.

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Snake Tattoo for pretection
Credit: Instagram


Snakes are revered as a sign of fertility in many cultures. They are often placed on the bodies of pregnant women or women who are having difficulty conceiving or conceiving naturally.

Snakes have a phallic form, which might be seen as a symbol of fertility. With that in mind, the triangle represents the sign of life energy. As a tattoo, the snake may also be a symbol of fertility and the process of becoming a parent.


Have you ever heard of the mythical creature known as Ouroboros? It is an old representation of a snake consuming its tail. Even though numerous historical records state that the fabled monster at issue is a dragon, many historical specialists believe that it is an enormous serpent. For a long time, it signified the cycle of life and the reincarnation that occurs after one’s death, and it still does. It might also imply a change in one’s outlook on life.

Snakes are often regarded as a medical emblem due to the healing effects of their venom. A large number of pharmaceutical businesses have used the snake as their emblem.


Snakes are frequently sought after by monarchs, emperors, warriors, and princes in various cultural and mythical tales and legends. Snakes are said to be able to impart guidance or knowledge. This symbol represents a depiction of knowledge, composition, and understanding.

What do snakes represent in history and culture? What do snakes represent in mythology?

Snakes have a long and illustrious history, spanning from Hinduism to the Bible to Nordic culture and history. Here are a few of the most important historical stories about snakes and how they have been influential in many different cultures over time.

Snakes in Ancient China

Snakes are held in great respect in China, mainly because their venom has been employed in medicines for a very long time. Snakes are thought to live for a long time while also ensuring a fruitful crop and being the ultimate symbol of fertility.

In China, particularly in the southwest and southeast, there are numerous cultural remnants. Snakes were also considered Earth’s emblems. They were regarded as magnificent and godlike to the extent that they are included as a sign in the Chinese horoscope.

Additionally, snakes had a close link with the god’s Fu Xi and Nu Wa, the serpent goddess, who were both Chinese. They make an appearance in the narratives of the Han Dynasty.

On the other hand, many people believed that these two were the gods and goddesses of the Sun and Moon because of the old artworks constructed of bricks and stones.

Snakes In The Bible

This film depicts the devil, disguised as a serpent, tempting Adam and Eve to eat the forbidden fruit. This apple can transform how the rest of society perceives them. This story changed the way women were perceived in both Judaism and Christianity, and snakes were shown to be symbols of temptation and immorality as a result of it.

Snakes In Norse Mythology

Snakes had an essential role in Norse mythology, as well. The Midgard Serpent, often known as a sea snake or simply Jörmungandr, is a mythological serpent from the realm of Midgard. Another legend says that the serpent was also mentioned in this story. This meant that Ragnorok had ended, which was also a sign of when the snake would be done.

It was the offspring of the giantess Angrboda and the God Loki. According to Norse mythology, Odin kidnapped Loki’s offspring, the wolves Fenrir, Hel, and Jörmungandr, and raised them as his own. He threw them into the abyss that surrounds the city of Midgard.

According to Nordic legend, Thor, the son of Odin, has conquered the snake of Midgard.

Snakes in Native American Cultures

Snakes feature in a variety of Native American artworks, including wall and stone paintings and sand paintings. Snakes were important to Native Americans, but their meanings changed based on which tribe you were with at the time.

Snakes were considered a symbol of power and fertility in the Pueblo Native American tribe. The Ojibwa tribe, on the other hand, considered snakes to be a sign of healing and rebirth because snakes lose skin, which illustrates this.

13 Best Snake Tattoo Designs To Inspire You

Many people who attempt to create snake tattoos are guided by the shape of the snake and the origin of the snake from which it is emerging. However, here is a list of broad ideas and more textures and patterns that you can use as a guide when you choose your final design.

1. Skull of a snake tattoo

Snake Skull Tattoo
Credit: Instagram

In a previous post, we addressed how snakes may represent danger, as well as seduction. Pirates were frequently identified by using skull-like symbols, and this combination of a skull and a snake may allude to the potentially lethal nature of snake venom. It might also have more profound and sinister connotations. Regardless of the orientation, it’s a fantastic print, irrespective of the size.

2. Medusa Tattoo Forearm Of Women

Medusa Tattoo Snake
Credit: Instagram

Medusa is one of the most well-known and well-known legendary creatures, especially those who have read the Percy Jackson series. She was cursed, and she had snakes on her head, which could turn anyone who came into contact with them into stone. When it came to designing a snake-themed tattoo, the petrifying power of the cursed Medusa provided beautiful inspiration. What are your thoughts?

3. Devil Cupid With Snake Tattoo

Devil Cupid With Snake Tattoo
Credit: Instagram

Consider the possibility that you’re incorporating some gothic motifs into your tattoo. Therefore, this gothic Cupid, who has tattooed himself and is surrounded by a snake, might serve as an excellent tattoo illustration for a gothic sleeve tattoo. Nonetheless, we feel it is possible to be comfortable anywhere. You may also apply this concept if you’re creating a tattoo inspired by the Apple of Eden. The Cupid wields a trident and appears to be a little infamous. Not everyone will like it, but it is a beautiful concept for gothic tattoos.

4. Abstract Snake Tattoo

Abstract Snake Tattoo 1
Credit: Instagram
Abstract Snake Tattoo
Credit: Instagram

However, while this tattoo may not be appealing to everyone, it has a great deal of profound significance and abstract elements. One hand is stretched as if it is extending assistance to the other hand, with a snake wrapped around its fingers and wrist as if it were assisting. This might represent a phony or unhealthy friendship or love relationship. Besides that, it might also indicate that not everyone is as lovely as they appear to be. Please leave it to your imagination to come up with anything.

This is an attractive option if you’re searching for an inspiring abstract tattoo that may allude to a specific event in your life.

5. Floral Cobra

Floral Cobra Tattoo 1
Credit: Instagram
Floral Cobra Tattoo
Credit: Instagram

Cockroaches are among the most popular snakes to tattoo. They appear throughout history and mythology in various civilizations. With a flowery pattern surrounding the Cobra, this specific design is ideal for females who wish to show off their gentle side and demonstrate that not everything is as nasty as it looks. Snakes may also be misunderstood, and this tattoo may be trying to show that to the person who sees it.

6. Side Snake Tattoo

Side Snake Tattoo
Credit: Instagram
Side Snake Tattoo 3
Credit: Instagram
Side Snake Tattoo 2
Credit: Instagram
Side Snake Tattoo 1
Credit: Instagram

If you’re planning a large-scale tattoo, side tattoos are a terrific option. This little black snake is encircled by a pair of flowers that have been thoroughly impressed into the tattoo pattern. There is exceptional attention to detail displayed by the snake, and this theme may be presented in various ways. The snake and flowers and the background could most likely be made smaller if you want to use them in multiple places.

7. Half-Sleeve Snake Tattoo

Half Sleeve Snake Tattoo 1
Credit: Instagram
Half Sleeve Snake Tattoo
Credit: Instagram
Half Sleeve Snake Tattoo 2
Credit: Instagram

This half-sleeve snake pattern will take your breath away, and it has a remarkable resemblance to the Midgard Serpent from Scandinavian folklore. Simply put, the approach appears grand, and as you can see, it resembles an entire artwork print, complete with a giant snake visible within the castle. There are no colors in this picture, but it looks like everything is pretty accurate and shows the scales and patterns of the snake and the giant teeth of the animal.

8. Demon Snake

Demon Snake Tattoo
Credit: Instagram

This is another fascinating snake tattoo design that looks fantastic as a sleeve tattoo but can be worn almost anywhere else as well. It’s a classic snake pattern similar to the Japanese Onii in appearance. The yellow snake is tightly wrapped around the demon’s jaws and head, and the devil appears to be biting the serpent in the process.

9. Lady With A Snake Tattoo

Lady With A Snake Tattoo
Credit: Instagram

This lady with a snake tattoo design is referred to as such by us, but this does not imply that she is referred to in this manner by others. One of the reasons we liked it was that it could inspire snake designs with other people, such as princesses, witches, ladies, or dancers. This also has the appearance of a conventional tattoo, complete with intricate and brilliant colors and lines. The scales and snake texture are deep and distinct enough to be seen. This tattoo may take a little longer to complete, but it will be well worth the wait.

10. Snake in A Thorn

Snake in A Thorn
Credit: Instagram

This is another abstract design that we found pleasing to the eye. Snakes are often associated with venom and danger, so it’s no wonder that someone was motivated to create a tattoo that graphically depicts what it looks like to be mentally exhausted and depleted of energy. There is an incredible amount of attention to detail when it comes to snake design. It appears to be prominent, elegant, deep, and potentially hazardous. It’s sending out the message that “don’t mess with me” is the best course of action.

11. Snake From The Black Hole

Snake From The Black Hole
Credit: Instagram

The abstract designs will never come to an end. We’re having trouble comprehending this one, but it appears to be rather interesting, as well as being quite detailed and beautiful. According to the artist, the giant serpent seems to be emerging from the sky, or rather, from a gateway, or possibly a colossal black hole, according to the artist. It has big teeth, and it appears to be planning something nefariously sinister. While its body is molded to the smallest of details, the scales are also correctly shown on the creature’s body. There are many ways to use the snake, but this one looks like it would go well with a gothic look.

12. Snake In Attack Tattoo

Snake In Attack 2
Credit: Instagram
Snake In Attack 1
Credit: Instagram
Snake In Attack
Credit: Instagram

You’ll have to judge if this snake appears to be content or simply hungry. Everything points to it being prepared to strike, arching its beautiful and flexible body in an assault on its victim. The snake was tattooed to the tiniest of details, with the eyes, scales, and overall form being highlighted. As a result, it seems thin and small, and it would look fabulous regardless of the body posture you chose.

13. Face Tattoo

Snake Face Tattoo
Credit: Instagram

Let’s say you’ve been debating where on your Face would be the most appropriate location for your unique snake tattoo design. In such a scenario, this side-face tattoo of an enraged snake on the attack can come in handy as a source of inspiration. In preparation for the assault, the snake has opened its jaws and pointed its fangs in the direction of its intended target. However, while this ink tattoo is more ideal for darker styles, it may still serve as an inspiration for other snake designs as well.

Other Snake Tattoo Ideas For Man and Woman


More Facts to Consider When Getting a Snake Tattoo

We compiled a comprehensive list of the most incredible snake tattoo ideas we could locate. Our aim is that this page will address any further questions you may have regarding snake tattoos that you have not been able to find answers to anywhere on the internet.

Which gender is more likely to have a snake tattoo?

When getting a snake tattoo, we don’t feel there should be any gender distinctions. When it comes to getting a snake tattoo, it’s appropriate for both men and women who want to express themselves via the design. As we mentioned earlier, snakes are connected with a wide range of symbols, so there are no restrictions on who may have a snake tattoo based on their gender identity.

While snake tattoos are statistically more prevalent among males, a significant number of women get them done to represent a circumstance or feeling they are experiencing.

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Is it painful to get a snake tattoo done?

Even though everyone’s pain tolerance is different, everyone reacts differently to the needle. An intense pain tolerance allows some people to stay for several hours or even several sessions to get the perfect tattoo, while others may be too terrified to come back for the second appointment. Snakes are typically employed in huge tattoo designs, which means they take more time to create and can be more unpleasant to work with than smaller patterns. There are also a lot of different textures and patterns to think about, which can make the whole thing more time-consuming and difficult.

Is it possible to cover a surgical scar with a snake tattoo?

Snake tattoos are a great choice when it comes to covering up scars after surgery! The snakes are small and delicate, and they will fit in well with your surroundings. Remember, if your wound has only recently healed, you should avoid getting a tattoo. Make sure to wait until the damage is completely healed before you try to make a beautiful tattoo out of it.

Where is the best place to get a snake tattoo?

Snakes are adaptable and vary in size, and they may be found almost anywhere. But many individuals like arm and leg tattoos, especially if they are part of an overall design like the sleeve pattern. On the other hand, Snake tattoos look fantastic on the sides, back, and chest.

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