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The year 2021 saw the rise of a tattoo fashion that was a fascinating throwback. If you find that ordinary tattoo ink does not fulfill your requirements, or if you do not want your tattoo to be visible at all times, you should investigate the possibility of getting a glow-in-the-dark tattoo. They are also known as Blacklight tattoos, and they are sweeping the internet in the same way they are taking over the physical world. As a result, tattoo artists have their hands full of work.

In the 1990s, neon lights became increasingly popular worldwide, and the first blacklight tattoos appeared. For some unknown reason, they have regained their popularity. Many tattoo artists and studios use this innovative and fascinating tattooing in their marketing strategies.

This post will cover all the safety and technical aspects of glow-in-the-dark tattoos that you need to know before beginning your project. In addition, we will give a list of the top glow-in-the-dark tattoos that we investigated throughout Instagram and other outlets to identify the best-designed black light tattoos. These tattoos will shine when exposed to a black light.

Best Glow In The Dark Tattoos
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Please keep reading to find out all you need to know before your first appointment for a glow-in-the-dark tattoo and to look at the designs we determined to be the finest.

Everything You Need to Know About Glow in the Dark Tattoos, Including Information Regarding Black Light Tattoos

The ink used to create tattoos that glow in the dark is a special kind that, during the day, is difficult to see because its colors are so intense and vivid that they are practically impossible to see. Even turning out all the lights in the room won’t help you determine what’s there. Under a black light, though, you can see them well, and they have a stunning appearance. This is how blacklight tattoos got their moniker.

As was said before, they are composed of specialized ink that, as a result of the UVA photons released, is responsive to black light. People who aren’t huge fans of their tattoos being visible at all times can consider getting this style of permanent body art. People who like going to gatherings with low lighting, such as raves, to showcase their good looks are the same as those who desire to hide their identities while simultaneously boasting about the benefits of doing so.

What Are Black Light Tattoos 1
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Tattoos have existed for a very long time and have been practiced for millennia. Today, tattoos are at the peak of their popularity, and more and more people are getting used to them. Businesses that didn’t hire people with tattoos in the past because of stereotypes are also starting to change their minds.

In contrast to the practice of tattooing, which has been around for some time but has only recently gained popularity, black light tattoos are a relatively new fad that has just recently embraced a new form of creation. In addition, these tattoos now glow in the dark. The decade of the 1990s saw a surge in the popularity of neon lights, which contributed to the growth of this trend. Simply glancing at Vegas is, in our opinion, sufficient evidence.

What Are Black Light Tattoos 2
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Having said that, the components are different now. Phosphorus, which would shine in total darkness, is no longer used by tattoo artists since doing so poses a risk to their health and safety. There is a further explanation below. To avoid dangerous chemicals and situations that could be life-threatening, only ink that reacts to ultraviolet or black light is used.


The first issue we would want to address is the issue of how safe the blacklight tattoos are. Phosphorus, as well as a variety of other natural pigments and conventional materials, were utilized back in the 1990s, when the trend first emerged, as was previously indicated. Phosphorus is not only a carcinogenic but also a hazardous substance, which is something that should be brought to your attention. Several studies say it is connected to obesity, diabetes, and cancer development. As soon as people realized the possible dangers of playing with phosphorous, the trend quickly went out of style.

Safety of the blacklight tattoos 1
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Getting this kind of tattoo was eventually discontinued because it was shown to be linked to several potentially fatal skin disorders. Most tattoo artists now work with reactive ink, which we discussed in greater detail earlier. Keeping this in mind, you should always discuss topics you may not be sure about with your tattoo artist. This is especially important when it comes to glow-in-the-dark tattoos, which are still coming out of their questionable area.

In contrast to blacklight tattoos, phosphorescent tattoos are visible in utter darkness. Still, blacklight tattoos do not show up at all under UV lighting. Phosphorus tattoos may not appear under UV lights, but they will glow and shine in complete darkness.

Even though getting a tattoo using black ink is widely believed to be risk-free, the FDA does not regulate or approve of the practice. There is no evidence to suggest that tattoos done with black ink are associated with any particular skin disorders or problems. Even so, people who want to get tattoos are still told to think about the tattoo design they want and make their own decision.

As a result, the lack of a listing for blacklight ink should not be regarded as cause for concern.

Safety of the blacklight tattoos 2
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Note from the editor: When looking for a tattoo parlor specializing in black ink tattoos, remember that you will need to do some research before selecting a location. Always be sure to check that the studios employ reactive ink and that they are controlled. Phosphorus was found in ink used by certain painters, although in trace amounts. This was seen even though this practice is relatively uncommon. Always take precautions!

How do you get a tattoo that glows under black light?

It is important to note that while glow-in-the-dark tattoos are placed on a person’s skin in the same manner as standard tattoos, there are a few key distinctions between the two types of body art. For instance, the tattoo artist you choose should be experienced and have expertise working with this particular sort of tattoo, yet the technique typically takes longer.

There are a few reasons why getting a tattoo using reactive ink takes a little longer. One of the reasons is that tattoo artists are continuously required to verify whether or not they did an outstanding job by looking at the tattoo with a black light. This can take a lot of time and may make it take longer to get a tattoo than it would otherwise.

How Are Black Light Tattoos Applied
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The fact that the ink that is reflective of black light is thinner than the ink used for conventional tattoos is another factor contributing to the lengthened amount of time required to put tattoos. The process of working with it is not only more difficult and time-consuming but also more complex in terms of combining colors and applying them.

How long do tattoos that glow in the dark stay bright?

Tattoos that glow in the dark may last just as long as any other kind of tattoo, which may come as a surprise to some people. When you get a tattoo, the artist will use a needle to inject ink into the top layer of your skin to make the outline of the design you choose.

In addition, the same thing occurs with tattoos made using reactive ink. You need to know that tattoos are permanent, although they do start to fade after some time has passed. It is unlikely that this will happen to you for a very long time after your tattoo. However, suppose you want your tattoo to endure for a more extended period. In that case, you may need to consider getting a touch-up every so often to bring back the tattoo’s glow and shine.

How Long Do Glow In The Dark Tattoos Last
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The ink will begin to fade when your tattoo is subjected to optical light and sunlight for an extended period. After several years, the shine may become less bright, but your form will remain the same.

A Note From The Editor: One of the expert recommendations for the care and maintenance of a blacklight tattoo is to apply a high-factor sunscreen all over the tattoo whenever you are exposed to the sun. In this manner, the rays of the sun won’t be able to damage it, and the product’s quality won’t suffer as a result.

Is It Possible To Remove A Tattoo Done With A Black Light?

Can You Remove A Black Light Tattoo
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You may get rid of your tattoo in the same way that you would get rid of any other tattoo by using a laser or one of the different methods used to get rid of ordinary tattoos. The UV ink on tattoos may be broken up rather effectively with the help of the laser. However, just like getting any other kind of tattoo, removing tattoos with a laser has a slight chance of success. You should continue to educate yourself as you go along.

Note from the editor: One option to get rid of the glowing qualities of your tattoo is to cover them with conventional colored tattoo ink, which will make the glow appear less bright than it would typically occur.


The healing process for glow-in-the-dark tattoos is the same as that for traditional tattoos.All the same, rules apply, covering your tattoo wound in a special sterile bandage, avoiding baths, wearing baggy clothes, and cleaning your tattoo regularly with antibacterial soap and different ointments that will soothe the pain and sweep away the bacteria that forms on the affected skin.

Black Light Tattoo Healing
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Additionally, the amount of time needed for blacklight tattoos to heal is comparable to that of traditional tattoos. After seven to ten days, you should start to see obvious signs of tattoo healing, although the whole healing process can take anywhere from four to six weeks.


When it comes to the cost, people have different points of view. Some tattoo artists will charge more for a luminous tattoo than a standard one. This is especially the case when the customer must provide the appropriate materials. There is a possibility that the price will go up or down slightly, particularly in the case of a massive tattoo.

Additionally, it is essential to draw attention to the fact that some tattoo artists base their prices on the hourly cost of their job. As was discussed, making a luminous tattoo a reality might take significantly more time than putting in a standard tattoo, which is why the price will also be somewhat higher for this service.






Black Light Tattoo Price
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Editor’s notes: If you’re going to be working with an artist who bills by the hour, you should do your homework and read customer evaluations to make sure that they won’t slack off and goof off too much, nor will they rush through the task without giving any thought to the end outcome.


Generally speaking, there are no dangers associated with getting a tattoo regarding allergic reactions, as stated by many tattoo artists and specialists. The ink that is used for traditional tattoos and that which is reactive to UV light are, for the most part, identical. Nevertheless, you must speak with your tattoo artist about the allergies that may be present in the ink that they use. Find out about allergies and intolerances in your family on your own and come to your own conclusions.

Best Glow In The Dark Tattoo Design Ideas

The most awesome glow-in-the-dark tattoos created with black lights are described in further detail below. When selecting a tattoo, it is usually best to concentrate on vivid symbols. This will allow the ink to glow and present a distinct hue and gloss. That is exactly what we accomplished, so look at some of our designs below.

Snake Tattoo

Snake Glow In The Dark Tattoo 3
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Snake Glow In The Dark Tattoo 2
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Snake Glow In The Dark Tattoo 1
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You won’t make a mistake no matter what size of snake tattoo you get, whether it’s a little one or a massive one. This is because glow works well with them, whether dealing with a single-colored snake or a very uncommon deadly predator from the depths of the rainforest.

Because of their distinctive pattern and how different colors are textured on their skin, venomous snakes are easy to identify. Throughout history and in many cultures, snakes have been seen as potent symbols. Snakes often represent such virtues as knowledge, power, strength, courage, fertility, and protection. As you can see, its true meaning is quite different from how it looks in the real world.

One thing is certain: they were revered and held in high regard throughout history and in various cultural contexts.Since snakes may both be large and small, they are an excellent choice for a blacklight tattoo since they can be either large or small.

Large Tattoo

Large Glow In The Dark Tattoo 3
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Large Glow In The Dark Tattoo 2
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Large Glow In The Dark Tattoo 1
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Most of the time, blacklight tattoo artists advise their customers to have a substantial tattoo. If you want to demonstrate the light and glow, you need to make it visible. You can achieve that if you have a significant glow-in-the-dark tattoo. Large tattoos are often placed on the recipient’s back, thigh, or arm. On the other hand, as you can see, many individuals can be creative and come up with designs that look excellent on the body area they desire.

Wild animals, such as lions, snakes, dragons, and other creatures, are frequently included in large tattoos. However, the positive aspect is that you can write many symbols on some components and add reactive ink to make them shine and add additional depth.

Small Tattoo

Small Glow In The Dark Tattoo 3
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Small Glow In The Dark Tattoo 2
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Small Glow In The Dark Tattoo 1
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Those who don’t want their tattoo to be visible always find that opting for a small tattoo is the most practical solution. Even though many individuals and businesses are becoming more accepting of body art, many companies still look down their noses at people with tattoos. Many people get a smaller tattoo out of dread of this and their parents’ reactions.

Suppose you want to conceal it at all times except when you are in the presence of a blacklight or some other form of ultraviolet light. In that case, all you need is a little luminous tattoo. This is precisely what you need. Additionally, it works wonderfully for events like concerts and parties when a black light is used as the primary illumination source.

A little tattoo may be anything you want, from straightforward and easy-to-remember symbols to writing, geometric patterns, and other options.

Women’s Favorite

Best Glow In The Dark For Women 3
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Best Glow In The Dark For Women 2
Credit: Instagram
Best Glow In The Dark For Women 1
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There is no need to go any further if you are interested in embracing the more feminine part of yourself and admiring some stunning tattoos that glow in the dark. We chose different sized and more or less noticeable symbols that you could stamp on your body and then add glow-in-the-dark paint to.

Some symbols depict creatures, such as a whale, illuminated by a bright light. In this particular example, the whale is described with standard ink. At the same time, the stars and other elements with a dazzling appearance use reactive ink. Having said that, if you don’t want a massive tattoo, you may experiment with different symbols and simply apply a small amount of luminous ink to create a blended pattern that looks just as nice as a traditional one.

Butterflies and moths are other fantastic alternatives for women since they are pretty to look at, come in various vibrant colors, and lend a sense of refinement to any ensemble.

Men’s Choice

Best Glow In The Dark for men 3
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Best Glow In The Dark for men 2
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Best Glow In The Dark for men 1
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All these tattoos on the list are appropriate for male or female wear. Still, we wanted to incorporate designs that were more daring and robust in hopes that they would resonate more with male customers. Some males gravitate toward more powerful and darker symbols, like the ones presented above. Others believe having a large tattoo rather than a smaller one is the best option.

Typically, guys choose more conventional looks, such as those inspired by Diablo. On the other hand, some want to combine realistic and abstract motifs. Similarly, you may see a gorgeous glow emanating from a popular Rick and Morty tattoo. However, we were also astonished and amazed by the representation of the Grim Reaper utilizing black lights and reactive ink, which brought more force and menace to the emblem. This was one of the aspects of the exhibit that left an impression on us.

We have no doubt that you can make a great design for a man, but we hope that these symbols have helped you narrow down your choices.

Text Tattoo

Text Glow In The Dark Tattoo 4
Credit: Instagram
Text Glow In The Dark Tattoo 3
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Text Glow In The Dark Tattoo 2
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Text Glow In The Dark Tattoo 1
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No matter what kind of ink is utilized, textual tattoos like dates, names, years, or quotations are becoming increasingly popular. Even the most basic tattoos have meaningful messages and images. What makes them so stunning and alluring is not their complexity or complexity, but rather their simplicity and minimalism.

Putting someone’s name or the day they were born on your skin using glow-in-the-dark quotations may not seem like the most minimalist thing. Still, it’s a very uplifting and creative way to do it. More importantly, specific references printed with reactive ink will look stronger and may better show what they mean than other tattoos.

Cat Tattoo

Cat Glow In The Dark Tattoo 3
Credit: Instagram
Cat Glow In The Dark Tattoo 2
Credit: Instagram
Cat Glow In The Dark Tattoo 1
Credit: Instagram

Do you like the cute, tiny kitten cats people keep in their homes? Or would you rather have a large, wild cat? Both are presented here to ensure that we speak from the same playbook. Lions are fantastic animals, on par with jaguars in terms of quality. But the cat you have at home is just as good, even if it scratches you or jumps on your computer from time to time.

Regardless of the circumstances, we decided to highlight the most stunning ultraviolet tattoos of cats of various sizes. Take a look at all of these specifics! It has a captivating and attractive appearance. If you’ve always wanted a UV tattoo of your pet, one of these designs may convince you to finally have one.

Butterfly Tattoo

Butterfly Glow In The Dark Tattoo 3
Credit: Instagram
Butterfly Glow In The Dark Tattoo 2
Credit: Instagram
Butterfly Glow In The Dark Tattoo 1
Credit: Instagram

Butterflies are considered to be a representation of liberation, rebirth, and regeneration. The transformation from caterpillar to butterfly is a lengthy and challenging process. However, the outcome demonstrates that the entire procedure was well worth it. Because of their vibrant colors and intricate designs, butterfly tattoos are among the most popular types of body art. They will appear even better than before, thanks to the reactive ink.

When selecting the style for your butterfly tattoo, you have a lot of room for maneuverability and flexibility. You can get a tattoo of a single butterfly, many butterflies, a smaller tattoo, a giant tattoo, or a mixed one like the one in the first picture, which promotes mental health and fights depression.

They look fantastic in any region of the body. Still, if you want your glowing ink to stand out more, put it in a more noticeable place.


Pokemon Glow In The Dark Tattoo 3
Credit: Instagram
Pokemon Glow In The Dark Tattoo 2
Credit: Instagram
Pokemon Glow In The Dark Tattoo 1
Credit: Instagram

Many individuals spent their childhood playing Pokemon, which are collectible pocket monsters that Pokemon trainers worldwide battle in various competitions. It’s an extremely well-liked anime series with many highly profitable video games. The Pokemon mobile game from 2016 is the one that has been the most successful.

Because of its eye-catching hues and designs, illuminating ink offers a fantastic opportunity to highlight the appearance of your favorite Pokemon. You may find some photographs to use as a source of inspiration up above. It is my hope that the pictures will assist you in deciding which tattoo to have.

Back Tattoo

Back Glow In The Dark Tattoo 3
Credit: Instagram
Back Glow In The Dark Tattoo 2
Credit: Instagram
Back Glow In The Dark Tattoo 1
Credit: Instagram

For several different reasons, back tattoos are pretty popular. Many individuals use its size to create a big tattoo canvas that conveys a narrative via several symbols, inking that is both accurate and intuitive, and dramatic details achieved through complex shading methods. By using glowing ink, you may transform your tattoo into a vibrant canvas that will make you stand out at parties. Alternatively, you can add more colors by adding ink here and there, as seen in the photographs above.


Flowers Glow In The Dark Tattoo 3
Credit: Instagram
Flowers Glow In The Dark Tattoo 2
Credit: Instagram
Flowers Glow In The Dark Tattoo 1
Credit: Instagram

The flower design is one of the most sophisticated and sophisticatedly feminine motifs that may be used for a tattoo. On the other hand, it’s not limited to being utilized in tattoos on women. It is an elegant and delicate sign that may smooth over even the roughest and most daring tattoos.

Innocence is represented by this image. If you wish to gain further insight into the meaning of flowers, it is necessary to research individual flower species to acquire further information on the goals of those flowers.

You might already know that they are an extra sign appearing on more extensive tattoos. Nevertheless, you can also give them a little tattoo depicting something significant from your life. The use of glowing ink will improve their appearance and give them a feel that is more up-to-date and current.

Heart Tattoo

Heart Glow In The Dark Tattoo 3
Credit: Instagram
Heart Glow In The Dark Tattoo 2
Credit: Instagram
Heart Glow In The Dark Tattoo 1
Credit: Instagram

Another well-known and influential image is that of a heart. It is the representation of love that lasts forever. A blazing nature, similar to the second image, is symbolic of unquenchable desire, longing, and passion, as well as other potent characteristics. Spirits are linked to more than just romantic feelings. They are also linked to bravery, chivalry, and other noble traits.

You may construct a sign as straightforward as the first two pictures, or you can build a necklace in the shape of a heart like in the third picture. We agree that it has an incredible flavor, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use the soul in conjunction with other symbols.The only thing that bothers us about this tattoo is its small size. Nothing stops you from getting a gigantic illuminated heart tattoo on your body.

More Questions and Answers Regarding Glow in the Dark Tattoos

Even though they’ve been around for some time, glow-in-the-dark tattoos are still a relatively new concept. They do not have the same level of social acceptance as traditional tattoos. There is also the possibility that you will experience a certain amount of dread.

We have developed a list of commonly asked questions to dispel those anxieties and make it clear to you that having a black light tattoo is nothing to be afraid of as long as you deal with a tattoo artist who is reputable and skilled.

Does Glow in the Dark Ink Have Any Side Effects?

At this time, there are no known risks linked with getting a tattoo done with reactive black ink that reacts to black light or other kinds of UV light. Suppose you have a history of severe allergic reactions to ink. In that case, you should visit your tattoo artist as soon as possible and ask them to do an allergy test on you. Allergies are pretty uncommon.

If I Put My Tattoo Under UV Light, Will It Still Be Visible?

Yes. In actuality, black light is ultraviolet (UV) light. Because the glow will eventually fade with time, you might need to get your tattoo touched up to make it stay longer.

Is UV Ink Visible?

It does not thoroughly blend into the background. In the first year to three years, you will be able to see it. However, the degree of visibility will be diminished when it is exposed to sunshine. As the skin fades, the ink fades as well; thus, you will need to conduct a touch-up as previously described.

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