What Do Solid Black Armband Tattoos Mean?

What Do Solid Black Armband Tattoos Mean

People have been inspired to look in various locations for the most original and intricate tattoo ideas for their bodies due to the broad acceptance and popularity of body art. On the other hand, not everyone is keen on employing bright or abstract ink. Many individuals choose straightforward tattoo designs that won’t cause too much discomfort and are understated. The solid black armband tattoo is an example of this type of tattoo.

On the other hand, the black armband tattoos are not merely a symbol of simplicity; they are much more than that. They are symbolic of more profound feelings, explored in greater depth in the following article. Armbands made entirely of black fabric have a long and illustrious history in a variety of indigenous communities across the globe.

Armband tattoos in solid black can signify a few things depending on their placement. The symbolism of minimalist design has already been brought up. The term “minimalism” refers to an approach to design that emphasizes using few elements, and the black armband tattoo exemplifies this principle. Despite this, a significant number of tattoo artists and clients getting tattoos choose not to be deterred from mixing their designs by the seeming simplicity of the solid black armband tattoos.

Keeping this in mind, they would blend long armbands with wide ones or even sport many solid black rings within the same tattoo, albeit there were typically only two rings. There were sometimes dotted patterns with cutouts that, when paired with an all-black solid wristband, gave the impression of being simple.

Some people are also unhappy with small tattoos, like the date of the end of a relationship or another event, and they want to cover up the name or date they no longer want to remember.

Who or what is the inspiration for the Solid Black Armband Tattoo?


Before it became so popular as a tattoo design, the black armband served a symbolic purpose. During the 18th century, it made its debut in the United Kingdom. It was first employed as a mourning asset during the Regency Era to express one’s sorrow.

Throughout the early nineteenth century, both masculine adults and children wore the garment when they wished to express their grief at the loss of a loved one. When Queen Victoria was in power in England, this style reached its zenith. When the queen’s husband passed away in 1861, all royal staff were required to wear black armbands to commemorate his passing. They wore the black crepe armbands in mourning for King Albert for eight years, and some wore them even longer.

The symbolism of the black armband persisted throughout the demonstrations of the twentieth century, particularly in the year 1965. Participants in the school demonstrations around the United States wore black armbands with white peace signs on them, adorned with white peace signs on their arms. The Vietnam War was the topic of the demonstration. Some youngsters were even expelled from school due to their solid black armbands, which the court ordered.

Athletes now wear black armbands to pay tribute to those who have died and to signify universal sadness in sports. Chick Stahl, the manager of the Boston American newspaper, committed suicide in 1907, marking the beginning of the trend. The club’s players donned black crepe armbands around their left forearms to pay tribute to Stahl.

The tradition continued in 1920 when the Cleveland Indians teammates donned black armbands to honour Ray Chapman, a teammate who was killed by a pitch to the head while playing in the American League. It was used many more times in sports to keep players and grieve their losses.When the bombings at the Boston Marathon happened, Cleveland Browns players wore black armbands on their left arms to show their support for the victims.

However, due to the increasing usage of tattoos nowadays, many individuals pining for someone who is no longer living have chosen to tattoo a solid black armband on their tattoo rather than wear an armband. We’ll look at the symbolism behind solid black armband tattoos in the section below.


The symbolism of a solid black armband tattoo on the arm

As a result, we’ve identified a handful of different sources for solid black armband tattoos. People were encouraged to get a tattoo because of the popular culture of wearing black crepe armbands and bows. These tattoos will be permanent. Although death and sadness aren’t the only meanings associated with this sort of tattoo, we’ll start with that particular connotation.


As previously stated, the solid black armband tattoos have a significant symbolic connotation associated with grief. The symbolism associated with the dead has been passed down through the generations, and diverse cultures have worn black crepe armbands and bows to commemorate the dead.

What caused it to be used in tattoos in the first place? The first reason is that many individuals find it challenging to let go of their loved ones who have passed away after dying. Some of them learn to live with it, while others need time and a great deal of effort before they can move forward.

The left arm, generally a bicep, is tattooed if the person is essential to them and wants to honour them and keep them near their hearts and souls. However, any area of the arm is suitable for the tattoo. Because many individuals acquire armband tattoos on both their left and right arms, many people do not feel confined by choosing a component.
A thicker armband tattoo may also be inked on the arm of someone close to them or more essential in their lives. In addition, some people get smaller circles tattooed to indicate that the individual was younger or to represent another symbolism.

The solid black armband tattoo is also a symbol of honouring the individual. If they accomplished anything significant throughout their lives, the tattoo would allow them to be remembered for the rest of their lives, at the very least through their body art.

People who want to commemorate a loved one’s passing by getting a solid black armband tattoo may also include other features that characterize the person they remember and wish to honor with the tattoo.

For example, if the deceased person cherishes flowers, particularly roses, the armband tattoo may include a floral design as a tribute to the deceased individual’s fondness for blooming flowers. They could enjoy the sky and the stars, but they might also enjoy cloud formations, principals, or the moon.

If you want to pay extra tribute to the person you want to remember, you may talk to your tattoo artist about what symbolic components you could incorporate into the tattoo to show your respect.



The strength symbolized by the solid black armband tattoo is the second of the tattoo’s most unique meanings. It represents happiness and relief after conquering specific difficulties and the prize of peace and stability.

Many individuals believed that conquering certain obstacles and trials indicated that they had become more robust and were better prepared to face other, more complicated challenges in the future. Solid black armband tattoos were chosen to emphasize the rewards of hard work and perseverance.

That is why a solid black armband tattoo that symbolizes power is made with thinner lines to distinguish it from the rest of the tattoo. The ability to ink several armband rings as symbols of overcoming various hurdles that have been placed before them allows those who have achieved many different trials to do so now.

The mourning symbolism of the solid black armbands is also connected with the wearer’s strength. The importance of those who can carry on the memory of a departed loved one and “pack it” into a tattoo was recognized throughout many civilizations that embraced solid black tattoos.

The solid black armband tattoo on the bicep is a popular choice for folks who wish to express their inner power via their tattoo. The bicep has long been seen as a sign of strength, and many athletes use it to demonstrate that they can maintain their physical fitness.

Additionally, the solid black armband tattoo will inspire many athletes to stay in shape and continue to exercise for the tattoo itself to appear better.



In addition to the two meanings mentioned above, one essential solid black armband tattoo symbolism involves protection. This notion is mainly held by the many tribes and other cultural systems around the world. Because a solid black armband tattoo is a continuous circle that never ends, it was thought to be a patch through which evil spirits couldn’t pass through.

As a result of this belief, many individuals choose to have a tattoo of a solid wristband around their wrists and ankles as well as their elbows and knees to protect themselves from harmful spirits. Those individuals would not be harmed by evil spirits or jinxed in their endeavours if they followed this method.
Many morticians tattoo a solid black wristband on their patients’ arms to ensure that any evil spirits that may have fled from their corpses do not enter them. Getting into the body is impossible because of the never-ending loop.


Given the fact that the black armbands were worn during the anti-Vietnam War rallies, we discovered a connection between the solid black armband tattoos and courage and the battle for peace and freedom linked with these demonstrations. As a result, armband tattoos with solid black rings symbolize the valiant struggle for independence, and many individuals get them inked to feel more confident in their endeavours.

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Solid Black Armband: Additional Frequently Asked Questions

It seems like there are a lot of concerns concerning solid black armband tattoos and the symbolism they represent. We decided to assist you by responding to some of the queries.

Can you combine a solid black armband tattoo with a different armband tattoo?

Solid black tattoos are frequently seen in conjunction with other tattoos, particularly tribal tattoos. People from Native American tribes used tribal armbands with geometrical and natural motifs, which they paired with solid black armband tattoos to create a distinctive look for themselves.

Is there a meaning for solid black armband tattoos other than mourning that you can tell me about?

As previously said, although the morning is a powerful sign for this sort of tattoo, it also symbolizes other characteristics such as strength, power, courage, protection, and other factors. Most of the diverse meanings, on the other hand, are connected to the aim of memory, grieving, and honoring the deceased.

When it comes to the price of the Solid Black Armband Tattoo, it is relatively reasonable.

Depending on the size and complexity of the tattoo, pricing can range from $30 for the thinnest and lightest wristband tattoos to $100 to $350 for larger, more detailed tattoos. Of course, some tattoo studios may charge a higher price for this tattoo style, and the price may vary based on the thickness of your wristband.

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