Pen Ink vs. Traditional Tattoo Inks: Which is Better?

Pen ink vs Traditional Tattoo Inks Which is Better 3

Stick-and-poke tattoos, also known as hand-poked tattoos or machine-free tattoos, have been connected with the underground culture and tattoo community for a long time. These tattoos have always been simplistic, straightforward, and to the point.

Even in today’s society, the stick-and-poke tattoo is still considered essential and straightforward. On the other hand, some tattoo artists specialize in tattoos that are both intricate and complicated. In the realm of stick-and-poke tattoos, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

On the other hand, stick-and-poke tattoos have also been connected with a do-it-yourself tattoo technique. The stick-and-poke method does not involve using a tattoo machine. It is completed in a series of simple dots, encouraging many people to try their hand at tattooing themselves.

Pen ink is used to create one of the most popular DIY stick-and-poke tattoos, which can be found here. You should know whether or not you should utilize pen ink for a tattoo. Let’s find out in the following paragraphs what happened.

Stick-and-Poke Tattoos: What You Need to Know

What Is a Stick-and-Poke Tattoo and How Can I Get One?

When you think about tattoos, the first image that comes to mind is a tattoo machine with a needle attached to it. On the other hand, some tattoos are not performed using a tattoo machine. Stick-and-poke tattoos are a type of tattoo that does not require a device and does not use electricity. The ink is transferred to the skin solely with the help of a needle.

An analogue tattoo machine is created by attaching the needle to a device (like a pencil and a thread). The tattooist dips their fingers into the ink and then pokes your skin with needles, creating the pattern dot by dot.

What is the purpose of the stick-and-poke method?

The stick-and-poke tattooing process dates back thousands of years to ancient civilizations such as ancient Egypt, for example. Because the method involves only a needle and a small amount of colour or ink, thousands of years ago, it was one of the most straightforward methods of creating elaborate and detailed artwork.

Although the approach has stood the test of time, it has recently had a resurgence that has been described as extraordinary. Stick-and-poke tattoos became popular all around the world as a result of this. Nonetheless, the skate and punk subcultures were pioneers of the do-it-yourself approach.

Stick-and-poke tattoos are now done just for the enjoyment of the act. They’re also cheaper, and they usually require less tattooing expertise on the artist’s part. However, these tattoos are not as easy to make as many people believe.As a result, do-it-yourself tattooing procedures are not suggested. If you want a real stick-and-poke tattoo, you should go to a respected tattoo parlour and get it done there.

Pen ink vs Traditional Tattoo Inks Which is Better

Are Stick-and-Poke Tattoos Harmful to Your Health?

On the other hand, stick-and-poke tattoos are often less painful than tattoos done using a machine. The topic of pain, on the other hand, is always subjective. Because everyone has a different level of pain tolerance and a distinct threshold for how much pain they can tolerate, it is difficult to say if stick-and-poke tattoos are painful or not.

If we had to rate the pain, we would say that stick-and-poke hurts moderately; the discomfort is present, but it is not as acute as when the tattoo is done with the tattoo machine. You should expect some amount of pain, particularly if the tattoo is placed in a sensitive body location (like an area with a lot of nerve endings and generally thinner skin).

Are stick-and-poke tattoos considered temporary?

When it comes to stick-and-poke tattoos, one of the most widespread misunderstandings is that they are only temporary. On the other hand, people who believe this could not be more mistaken. Essentially, stick-and-poke tattoos are the same as ordinary tattoos. However, the main distinctions are in the equipment used and the manner in which they are created. Despite this, the ink does end up on your skin, where it will remain indefinitely once the ink has dried.

Tattoos done with a stick and poked by non-professionals or amateurs who employ DIY materials and techniques are not very long-lasting. In such circumstances, the tattoo either fades away due to the ink’s displacement in the skin, or one experiences a tattoo blowout, which is when the tattoo is completely removed from the skin. In any case, the tattoo does not endure long owing to infection, fading, feathering, and a general lack of perfect execution throughout the tattooing process itself.

What do you think? Can I use pen ink to make a DIY Stick-and-Poke Tattoo?

Yes and no, to be honest!

First, now that we’ve explained what stick-and-poke tattoos are and how they’re done, we can offer two types of responses: first, we can tell you what they are and how they’re done.

  1. It is possible to get a stick-and-poke tattoo using a do-it-yourself approach, but you run the danger of infection, blowout, and full tattoo fading.
  2. For the reasons stated above, you will be unable to create a stick-and-poke tattoo with homemade pen ink.

It is undeniable that using pen ink for stick-and-poke tattoos is technically conceivable; this cannot be refuted. However, whether or not you should utilize pen ink and implant it into your skin to do this remains to be seen. Because of various factors, we consider that such a proposition is entirely absurd. We understand that DIY home tattoos are popular, but keep in mind that you are putting pen ink into your skin! Here are some of the reasons why you shouldn’t go down that road!

Pen ink vs Traditional Tattoo Inks Which is Better 2

The Dangers of Using Pen Ink

Pen ink may be found in various products such as gel pens, permanent markers, highlighters, and so on. Colorants, alcohols, and a chemical gel known as glycol or ether are all present in this product, among other things. When used in high quantities, this chemical gel is typically considered dangerous. Because of the tiny amounts of ink used in pens, pen ink is not regarded as hazardous.

However, this non-toxicity information is only helpful if the pen ink is not eaten internally, which is not common in most cases. As a result, a problem occurs when someone decides to inject pen ink straight into their skin and connects it to their circulation and metabolism.

Poisoning and overdose caused by pen ink are both possible outcomes in this situation. Some of the most prevalent signs and symptoms, as well as their consequences, are as follows:

  • Skin that has been stained
  • Discomfort in the stomach
  • Problems with digestion
  • Infection of the skin

Pen inks are no longer regarded as dangerous because many manufacturers have eliminated the use of toxic substances from their products. You never know where the pen comes from or how it was created, so you can never be sure. As a result, it would be beneficial if you kept this in mind.

Pen Ink Stick-and-Poke Tattoos Pose a Risk to Your Health

For starters, one of the most significant hazards associated with DIY home tattoos is that they are not performed in sterile, health-regulated conditions. They are also not carried out using suitable and clean equipment and materials.

As a result, the DIY stick-and-poke technique with pen ink can result in severe illnesses, such as MRSA and hepatitis infections.

There is also the issue of skin and tattoo infection, irreversible skin discolouration, and tattoo blowout that must be addressed at all times. It’s also worth noting that a stick and poke tattoo creates an open wound that heals quickly, much like a traditional tattoo. Consequently, it exposes you to germs, bacteria, and viruses that can put your health in considerable danger if not treated immediately.

The health risks of obtaining a pen ink stick-and-poke tattoo are too staggering to contemplate. We strongly advise you to seek the services of a competent and respected tattoo artist to have your stick-and-poke tattoo adequately completed!

How Do You Make a Stick-and-Poke Tattoo at Home?

If you don’t want to go to a professional tattoo artist to get your tattoo, you can get a stick-and-poke tattoo in the comfort of your own home. However, it’s important to remember that a handmade tattoo will always appear homemade; it will never have a professional appearance!

So, for starters, don’t put pen ink on your paper! Get a bottle of black tattoo ink from the comfort of your own home. The solid ink will appear 1000 times better than the liquid ink, and there will be a lesser risk of infection with the solid ink. We recommend that you use vegan ink and that it be devoid of heavy metals.

After that, be sure that all of the tools you use have been well cleaned and sterilized. The gadgets will not be fixed entirely, which is regrettable, but it is better than doing nothing at all in the short term.

Try to keep your skin as clean as possible, and you might even want to consider shaving the region where the tattoo will be applied.

Once you’ve finished your handmade tattoo, make sure to follow the instructions for aftercare. Allow the tattoo to heal correctly, clean it well, avoid covering it with strong creams, and avoid picking it up and peeling it off.

Infection is a possibility if the tattoo becomes red, inflamed, and uncomfortable after a few days and remains so for a few more days. In that scenario, you should seek medical assistance as soon as possible.

Note: We do not recommend that you use so-called India ink since the source of this ink, as well as the substances contained inside it, is constantly in doubt. There is a good chance that the ink includes heavy metals, which might result in catastrophic health consequences.

Finally, note that

As you may have observed, we strongly discourage individuals from attempting any DIY or handmade tattoos, particularly the stick-and-poke type done with pen ink. This may be highly harmful and can put your health at risk if you do not take precautions. It is usually preferable to get a professional tattoo done rather than risk skin illness and tattoo infection.

Compared to traditional tattoos, stick-and-poke tattoos are significantly less expensive; most cost less than $100 compared to a traditional tattoo. In essence, we’re attempting to convey the message that DIY tattoos are not simply worth it!

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