Top 30 Designs für Todesser-Tattoos (Bunt, Schwarz & Weiß)

Todesser Tattoo Design Ideen

Are you an avid follower of Harry Potter? Let’s be sincere: who among us isn’t? This film is one of the most well-known, critically acclaimed, and widely cherished movies worldwide, and it also has our hearts!

You will definitely want to acquire this tattoo design if you are a fan of the Harry Potter series and are familiar with all the main characters! Continue reading to find out why getting a tattoo of a Death Eater could be a good fit for you and your mystical personality if you do decide to get a tattoo.

15 Vibrant Designs for Death Eater Tattoos

1. Hot Green Death Eater Tattoo

Hot Green Death Eater Tattoo
Kredit: Instagram

This is a pattern that will appeal to you if your all-time favorite shade of color is green. Despite having a scary or “bad” atmosphere and storyline, it is full of vibrant colors and a positive outlook.

The color green is associated with health and wealth, and the fact that Voldemort’s skull is pretty bright shows how real he is.

2. Colorful & Loud Death Eater Tattoo

Colorful Loud Death Eater Tattoo
Kredit: Instagram

This idea will appeal to you if you appreciate it when your tattoos have a splash of color in them and if you have a natural affinity for unusual patterns. It is the perfect item for people who are true fans of Harry Potter, whether they prefer the movies or the novels.

Your love for the entire Harry Potter series, as well as its atmosphere, is represented by this Death Eater tattoo. This bright and flashy work of art is sure to appeal to your sense of drama if you take pleasure in displaying both the good and the bad in the world.

3. Bright Forearm Death Eater Tattoo

Bright Forearm Death Eater Tattoo
Kredit: Instagram

This one is perfect for you if you prefer tattoos with realistic colors and authentic Death Eater designs. It’s perfect for people who like colors and want a design that shows how mysterious they are.

Demonstrate that you have an appreciation for both the film and its antagonists. This is it if you want art in its purest form!

An interesting tidbit is that Death Eaters can communicate with one another using their Dark Marks.

4. Death Eater Tattoo Black & Green Ink

Death Eater Tattoo Black Green Ink
Kredit: Instagram

This bold and brilliant forearm tattoo is perfect for boys and girls who prefer art that is smaller, not overly dramatic, bright, and showy. If you like the color green and are interested in supernatural topics, you will probably like this one.

Given how terrifying this tattoo is, you’re not afraid of taking risks.

5. Shoulder Death Eater Tattoo

Shoulder Death Eater Tattoo
Kredit: Instagram

This print will appeal to you if you have a penchant for shoulder tattoos. It is essential for lovers of the Harry Potter universe of any age, especially those who have grown up with the series.

Getting this tattoo will take anywhere from three to five hours. Because of its intricate nature, few people can or would dare to wear it.

6. Arm Green Death Eater Tattoo

Arm Green Death Eater Tattoo
Kredit: Instagram

If you enjoy the color brilliant green and are looking for a realistic Death Eater tattoo, you will like the one presented here. It is eerie; focus on the mysterious aspect to get through it.

Describe the meaning of this tattoo and its design. Show that you can ward off negative energy or evil with this frightening ink, but know that you still have a little bit of a daredevil inside you!

Have you heard that every Death Eater has the power to call forth Voldemort?

7. Bright & Cartoon Inspired Death Eater Tattoo

Bright Cartoon Inspired Death Eater Tattoo
Kredit: Instagram

What about something that is so out of the ordinary and colorful that very few people would be interested in purchasing it? You will have no trouble pulling off this bold and vibrant look if, at heart, you are still a child and the type of person who enjoys having fun.

Why not make some lighthearted fun of Lord Voldemort? This Death Eater is great if you like funny ink and colors that are more girly.

8. Forearm Black & Blue Death Eater Tattoo

Forearm Black Blue Death Eater Tattoo
Kredit: Instagram

If blue is your favorite hue, you might want to consider getting this tattoo. It’s worth a shot. It is ideal for anyone who appreciates an understated yet contemporary style.

This Death Eater tattoo demonstrates that you are courageous and optimistic throughout your travels. I take it that you don’t let negative energies or individuals get to you in any way, shape, or form.

9. Death Eater Tattoo Green Arm Design

Death Eater Tattoo Green Arm Design
Kredit: Instagram

Do you believe this tattoo accurately represents the one worn by the character in the movie? If you enjoy having actual tattoos and are a lover of brighter ink, you should try this forearm tattoo because it features more brilliant ink.

Envy and prosperity are both associated with the color green. If you’ve ever been through hard times or felt like you were stuck in a rut, you might like this tattoo, which shows that you can get through anything.

Interesting trivia: they are almost always depicted as black fog in the movies.

10. Death Eater Tattoo Black & Red Ink

Death Eater Tattoo Black Red Ink
Kredit: Instagram

The combination of black and crimson ink for your Death Eater tattoo is an interesting choice of colors. If you are someone who stands out from the crowd and likes bolder tattoos, you will like this particular design.

While black is commonly associated with mysticism, the color red is associated with ardor and fire. Demonstrate that you usually sport mystifying prints and thought-provoking thoughts.

11. Artsy Death Eater Tattoo Arm Ink

Artsy Death Eater Tattoo Arm Ink
Kredit: Instagram

If you do not fear terrifying tattoos or black ink, you can select this design to get tattooed on your body. To make it even livelier, sprinkle some bits of green here and there.

This arm tattoo reveals not only your ideals but also your devotion to the Harry Potter series. Show that you are always interested in flawed but powerful people and the idea of bad behavior.

12. Colorful Death Eater Tattoo Leg Design

Colorful Death Eater Tattoo Leg Design
Kredit: Instagram

This print is an option for you if you enjoy having leg tattoos. It is not uncommon for guys to have a preference for designs that are artistic or colorful. In addition, getting this tattoo will take you between four and six hours of your time.

This colorful artwork represents your love for the terrible monarch, who is also the root of all evil. Let people know that you always enjoy proudly enjoying bad characters and the dangerous energy they give off.

Did you know that the color of the mark can shift?

13. Scary-Looking Death Eater Tattoo

Scary Looking Death Eater Tattoo
Kredit: Instagram

Anyone who has read the Harry Potter novels or seen the Harry Potter movies should get this tattoo on their forearm. It is a brilliant design, and it will go in nicely with the vibrant personality that you also have.

Get this snake print to show the world how much you appreciate evil and sinister energy. Demonstrate that you are capable of adjusting to whatever situation or difficulty lies ahead.

14. Death Eater Tattoo Small Ink

Death Eater Tattoo Small Ink
Kredit: Instagram

You can also get a smaller tattoo of something that is not as vivid or obnoxious as the other designs. This one isn’t as big and doesn’t have the “traditional” aesthetic that some people want for their Death Eater tattoos. Nevertheless, some people will really like this one.

If you wear these colors, it won’t just show that you like the movie but also that you like Slytherin! Do you consider this to be your favorite home?

15. Colorful Arm Death Eater Tattoo

Colorful Arm Death Eater Tattoo
Kredit: Instagram

Do you like getting tattoos on your hands or palms? These are discrete yet noticeable, making them an absolute must if you’re someone who can pull off noticeable designs. Try your hand at being a Death Eater if your employment circumstances permit it.

This print reflects the strength and brilliance of your personality. This is the right format for you if you are naturally happy and also like ink that stands out.

Only Professor Snape and Voldemort can fly without the use of a broomstick.

15 Death Eater Designs in Black and White Tattoos

1. Giant Black Death Eater Tattoo

Giant Black Death Eater Tattoo
Kredit: Instagram

If you are someone who prefers darker tattoos, you should give this one a try because it features a darker design. It’s a pitch-black concept that works for both men and women.

The thigh location is the way to go if you intend to maintain a larger overall appearance. It is an ideal choice for the majority of dominant people.

2. Black Arm Detailed Death Eater Tattoo

Black Arm Detailed Death Eater Tattoo
Kredit: Instagram

Do you like having tattoos on your forearms? What do you think of this mix of black ink and your Death Eater?

You must have between three and five hours of free time before getting this tattoo. It is a design that draws attention and is something that men will enjoy, but only if they have access to an incredible tattoo artist with whom they can place their trust.

3. Gorgeous Forearm Death Eater Tattoo Black Ink

Gorgeous Forearm Death Eater Tattoo Black Ink
Kredit: Instagram

Do you fancy giving a real tattoo a go and creating your own version of the one that Lord Voldemort sported in the movies? If that’s the case, give this arm configuration a shot!

The finished product exemplifies and demonstrates your devotion to the film and the Dark Lord himself! This is intended for people who are really into the movie.

Did you know that Bellatrix Lestrange is the Death Eater with the most genuine and unwavering loyalty of all the Death Eaters?

4. Death Eater Tattoo Small Ink

Death Eater Tattoo Small Ink 1
Kredit: Instagram

If you like the design Lord Voldemort wore in the movie, you will like this other forearm tattoo just as much as you like that one. In addition to that, it is both a realistic and useful tattoo.

This skull and snake signify your strong exterior and undying passion for the film. Do you have a preference for tattoos that are both prominent and beautiful? This is the right option!

5. Giant Thigh Death Eater Tattoo

Giant Thigh Death Eater Tattoo
Kredit: Instagram

Are you interested in getting a massive tattoo that depicts all of your favorite sinister characters from the movie? You should try this print if you think portraits are more appealing than symbols.

Demonstrate that you are familiar with the most potent witch and that you have a deep affection for the Dark Lord himself. Black ink is formidable, and it is the color that should be used for any Harry Potter-themed tattoo that a person wants to be noticed.

6. Black Ink Skull Death Eater Tattoo

Black Ink Skull Death Eater Tattoo
Kredit: Instagram

Anyone who likes having a lot of drama with their tattoos will find this black ink ideal. I think you’ll agree that this one packs quite a punch and has a lot of drama.

Your love for the authentic, high-quality stories that a tattoo may tell will be revealed through the combination of the skull and the snake in your design.

A fun fact about Voldemort is that he is a half-blood wizard. His mother was a witch, while his father was a Muggle.

7. Large Leg Death Eater Tattoo

Large Leg Death Eater Tattoo
Kredit: Instagram

Men who are into bodybuilding or who have a strong sense of symmetry and balance should consider getting tattoos on their legs or Schenkel. Try this design out on yourself if you have a large area of flesh that you wish to pierce.

The design of this tattoo is ideal for men who enjoy flashy concepts. If you like larger ink, you should give this method for creating your final tattoo a shot if you are interested in using it.

8. Gorgeous & Shaded Death Eater Tattoo

Gorgeous Shaded Death Eater Tattoo
Kredit: Instagram

Do you get a kick out of watching scary movies? Are you a supporter of magnificently large ink? If that’s the case, you should get this tattoo! It is daring and has a dramatic effect!

This design is difficult to accomplish. Before settling on this design, you need to make certain that you have a tattoo artist that is both talented and reliable.

9. Artsy Death Eater Tattoo Ink Black

Artsy Death Eater Tattoo Ink Black
Kredit: Instagram

This tattoo of a black Death Eater is perfect for almost everyone and everyone! If black is your favorite hue, you should give this design a try because it features a lot of black.

It demonstrates your commitment to and genuine affection for the movie and the novels. This pattern and this particular shade of black ink will look great on you if you’re a diehard admirer.

Did you know that seven different fantasy novels make up the Harry Potter series?

10. Death Eater Tattoo Black Thigh Tattoo

Death Eater Tattoo Black Thigh Tattoo
Kredit: Instagram

This lovely tattoo on the thigh is perfect for someone who appreciates accuracy and creepy imagery. Add a touch of intrigue to the tattoo if you find the idea intriguing in and of itself.

Embellish your tattoo with several designs that are inspired by mandalas. This tattoo, once completed in the correct manner, will look exactly like that while also having its own special story to tell.

11. Gorgeous Shaded Death Eater Tattoo Black

Gorgeous Shaded Death Eater Tattoo Black
Kredit: Instagram

Not many tattoo artists are able to duplicate the look of inky black with a bright splash of green, which is something that a lot of individuals want to have tattooed on their bodies. If you appreciate aggressive designs, you will probably enjoy this one.

A person constantly managing their life stories or adventures is represented by the color combination. If you have a strong personality, you can flaunt it with this tattoo and show the world.

12. Lord Voldemort Death Eater Tattoo

Lord Voldemort Death Eater Tattoo
Kredit: Instagram

This tattoo will be the clear winner among our other choices for anyone, whether male or female, who values accuracy in their body art and appreciates aesthetic line work. This tattoo demonstrates that you are a hard worker who strives for perfection in whatever you do.

It demonstrates a high level of intellect and a love for the film. This tattoo will show the world that you are a natural leader and a fighter, so show it!

A fun fact about Harry Potter is that he has had his scars covered 5,800 times throughout his life.

13. Small Death Eater Tattoo Lord Voldemort

Small Death Eater Tattoo Lord Voldemort
Kredit: Instagram

This stunning jet black ink is perfect for anyone who appreciates a true-to-life tattoo. This is an excellent reflection of your taste if you are extremely fond of Death Eaters and the notion in general.

Because of how this pattern is laid out, people will assume that you have an eye for detail. Demonstrate to everyone that you are always up to date with the hottest and most fashionable styles.

14. Scary Black Ink Death Eater Tattoo

Scary Black Ink Death Eater Tattoo
Kredit: Instagram

You should consider getting this tattoo if you enjoy drama and aren’t afraid of larger forms. Because this is a time-consuming approach, you should schedule an appointment with a talented tattoo artist before deciding to go through with it.

Your passion for film and literature is displayed and symbolized through the tattoo. Be certain that your affection for Harry Potter is genuine before choosing this option, as it is a broad and long-term one that will require you to display both confidence and style.

Did you know that J.K. Rowling and Harry Potter both have birthdays on July 31?

15. Forearm Design Death Eater Tattoo

Forearm Design Death Eater Tattoo
Kredit: Instagram

One last suggestion: get a tattoo on your arm or forearm! It is a straightforward, black piece, and it will look fantastic on almost any man or woman who adores the film.

Demonstrate that you are courageous and bold and that you are aware of how to ward off evil. Try out this Death Eater arm design if you’re curious about black ink and want to see how it looks on you.

Additional Questions About the Death Eater Tattoo

Who are the Death Eaters, and What Do They Do?

The Death Eaters are a cast of characters that appear in the Harry Potter books and film series. These are well-known characters who are portrayed as having evil at their core. They are a terrorist organization comprised of sorcerers and witches, all of whom have sinister personalities. Each of them is led by the evil wizard Lord Voldemort, and each character has a unique role in the movie that is important for keeping the balance between good and evil and ending the fight between the two.

Who Is Eligible to Get a Tattoo of a Death Eater?

A Death Eater tattoo is available to anyone who wants one. It boils down to your personal preference and whether you are a true fan of the Harry Potter book series or the movie series. If you enjoy watching movies or have faith in the eternal struggle between good and evil, you will have no trouble finding some stunning tattoos further down.

How Much Do Death Eater Tattoos Typically Cost?

Because they are so intricately designed and one-of-a-kind in their own way, Death Eater tattoos are notoriously difficult to receive and difficult to create. Your tattoo artist needs to be able to create images that look like portraits and understand how to portray sinister characters. If you find a tattoo that is bigger and more complicated, you should expect to pay between $300 and $500 for it.

Where should you get your Death Eater tattoo if you want it to look its best?

Regarding positioning, everything might be different, and no one guideline applies to the vast majority of guys or girls. You will like having your Death Eater tattoo placed on the following regions of your body:

  • Your neck
  • Back
  • Unterarm
  • Wrist
  • Back
  • Leg
  • Oberschenkel

Death Eater tattoos may only appear “evil” or frightening when placed on your forehead, fingers, ankles, or chest. Wrist, back, leg, thigh The ink used for these tattoos is quite dark, and they exude a mysterious aura; thus, applying them to an already concealed area of the body may give off an even creepier vibe.

Are You Prepared to Get a Tattoo Based on the Harry Potter Series?

Did you love our Harry Potter tattoos, styled after the Death Eaters? Which of the designs did you like best? We can’t wait to hear about your number one go-to recommendation. Also, please let us know if you have read these novels in the past or if you are solely a fan of the movies in this series.

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